Sunday, March 30, 2008

signs of spring

Wow - sun earlier today - and 50's!! Woo-hoo! A lot of melting going on. Forecast: rain tonight. By Tuesday morning 3-7 inches of fresh snow. Drat. So, good thing I took some pix this morning.

I did this one extra big so you could actually see what I'm so excited about. :)
I have little tulip sprouts showing up in several areas of the gardens. It gives me great hope for beautiful things to come.

A lovely clump of coral bells. I love the spring greens and purples.

My ornamental grass didn't fare too well after the last heavy, wet snow. But I'll be cutting it to the ground soon, so not a problem.

My bowling ball crop is looking spectacular!! :)

A sure sign of better things to come is water appearing around the edges of the lake. This is looking east...

and this is to the west.

And this is straight out from shore. Yup, the little things you see on the ice are fishermen. It's still thick enough to walk on.


Kitt said...

Those fishermen are going to get wet feet when they try to come back to shore!

Love the bowling ball crop. Do you have to divide them occasionally?

Hooray for tulips and other spring goodness.

Soon, very soon.

Gina said...

Something is happening..hope it hurries up a bit for you..the big thaw! Very interesting crop of balls!! LOL, stunning colour :O)

Giddy said...

I was getting excited about 40 degree weather last week and then we got 4 inches of new snow. What a disappointment. Looks like we might get up to 50 or so today so I'll try to get out in the yard to see what's coming up. Your photos have inspired me.

Jean said...

Don't you love to check out the gardens in spring? We had snow last week and today is 50's and rain. Won't be long now!

peter hoh said...

Your tulips got a big jump on mine.

My garden is taking a couple weeks longer to wake up this year.

Connie said...

Spring seems to be slow in coming in many areas this year...including ours. We got a skiff of snow last night that didn't just adorn the top of the mountain as usual, but is on the ground this morning as well. I am so ready for spring!
So happy to see the signs of life in your garden. It won't be long before we are back in the garden with the sun on our faces. :-)

Susie said...

Yay for springtime!! It's so hard for me to think of extended cold and ice like you have. I've lived this sheltered CA lifestyle all my life. Seeing them walking on the ice is hard to believe!!

The Texas Connection said...

Good Morning,
Glad to see signs of Spring up there, sure are a lot of people from this area leaving for the Mid-West and Canada.

Our tomato's are still sending out a pretty good crop--more than Dad and I can eat!!!!!! That certainly pleases the neighbors......when he cut the last of the cabbage, he planted squash----we have little squash, just hope it dosn't get too hot before the mature.

We just water, water, & water...a little help from Mother Nature would be most welcome.


Cheryl said...

What beautiful views you have Kris,absolutely stunning. I expect you are sick of snow and ice but I really love to see it.

Signs of spring, its not to far away, the garden is starting to talk to you.

May the sun come back soon.

Me said...

I know, it is snowing right now...but I can't help but be pleased. It keeps me from going out in the garden too soon. I have a tendency to start clearing perennial beds earlier than I ought.

I don't care, I think ice fisherman are crazy - we hear to often of people falling through around here.

Laurie & Chris said...

Please I want sunshine and green grass and little sprouts in my garden!!! I can't wait for spring to really get here!

kate smudges said...

Hi Kris,

Now those are exciting signs of spring. We seem to be moving along behind you ... slowly!

I am always amazed at how late some people keep on ice fishing.

Jessy and her dog Winnie said...

Tulip sprouts! Yes! A sign of spring : )

Layanee said...

Kris: You could probably drop a match on that grass to clean it up! It seems to be away from everything and the ash from the fire sweetens the soil. Even better if there is snow on the ground! Stand back fast though because it will go up quickly! Sorry about snow today but spring is coming. I just stuck my head out the door and can hear the peepers!

guild-rez said...

Hi Kris,
thank you for your visit and comment.
Here in Toronto weather is turning cold again after a warm but stormy day.
Many migrating birds arrive daily on our shoreline. This a good sign spring must be around the corner.
- Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Our friends up in Michigan also had a bunch of snow dumped on them just when they were thinking about spring. I think winter left us down here in mid or early March.

Rosehaven Cottage said...

Yay for you! The lake is melting! It'll be spring soon. I'll send lots of sunshine vibes your way.

Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

CJ said...

If anyone deserves signs of spring...IT'S YOU! You've been more than patient! Let's hope the next sign you see is fisherman standing on boats not ice! LOL.

nonizamboni said...

Oh joy, tulip sprouts and to know coral bells are on the way! That was quite a snow we had, aye? but melted pretty fast.
Enjoy your week :O)

Toni said...


We ended up with 2 feet of new snow. I am sick of it...where is spring????????????

I love your pics..

Hope we can get in the garden someday...send me your address by email...I would like to send you something...Toni

Anonymous said...

Heeheehehehe, I love your bowling ball crop!

Zoey said...

So, did you get all that snow?

I hope not. It would be pretty depressing just as everything is melting.

Anonymous said...

Love your yard and the rebar around the flower beds, I made an arbor out of rebar and I loved it and then we moved. Hopefully my dh will let me build another one. We live near Sioux Falls, South Dakota so have about the same weather as you, supposed to be nice through Saturday 50's they say and then possibly more s_ _ _. Can't even say the word anymore.

I will keep reading your blog as your gardens are beautiful and I am starting over. Do you know a good ornamental grass that works in this zone? Another man in town bought some pampas grass in MN last summer and it is huge. Have you tried this grass?


kris said...

Zoey - we had 4-6 inches on the ground Tuesday morning - beautiful, but enough already!! By afternoon there was grass showing in the yard again. I'm guessing by the weekend we'll be back to where we started. :)

Hi Peggy - thank you for visiting and leaving such a nice comment. I have Little Bluestem and a miscanthus in my gardens now - the miscanthus is the one in the photo. It gets about 6 feet tall and 4 feet in diameter?? Little bluestem is much smaller - maybe 2 ft tall and 18 inches in diameter. I'm checking out Karl Foerster for a garden I'm planning along the street. Other bloggers have given it great reviews - it's hardy, salt tolerant, etc. It can get 5-7 feet tall - but stays at about 20 inches in diameter.

I love my iron fencing - not technically rebar, but I'd guess we're talking the same thing. My hubby made all of the fencing - sometime if you check out "fencing" under blog archives, you'll see more of it. It shows up in a lot of posts that aren't labeled also. I love the iron pieces he's made for me - rusted iron is definitely my garden decoration of choice!!

If you decide to start a blog, let me know - I'd love to follow the process and progress as you design your new garden. Good luck! :)

Naturegirl said...

Oh Kris it looks s-o-o-o cold..I guess I'm spoiled here in the desert! Smiled at your ((bowling ball)) crop..great originality!!
sunkissed in AZ hugs NG

Barbara said...

I am so glad for you that the first signs of Spring are coming up also in your area! Wishing you that all the ice (brrr, looks indeed very cold!) will melt very soon!

Molly said...

The bowling balls are lovely, and so hardy, even in zone 4! Do you start them from seed or from cuttings?

Your gardens are beautiful. I miss Minnesota lakes!

Trailhead said...

We have crocuses, finally!

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Finally some signs of spring! It has been a long time coming.

Tristi Pinkston said...

Everyone seems to understand about the bowling balls but me. I admit I'm a little slow on the uptake, but, um, what's up with the bowling balls?

Anonymous said...

Sping is finally here.
I love your coral bells!
The slugs love mine !