Friday, November 2, 2007


On yesterday's post, I mentioned that I had bought some curtain panels to use in tablescaping at the Gift Mart sample sale. When I said I wouldn't bore you with them, Zoey at Perennial Passion left a comment saying she loves stuff like this. Yup, I knew that was coming as soon as I wrote the post!! So, Zoey, tell me what you think:

Every Wednesday, the Minneapolis Star Tribune does a special Home & Garden section. About a month ago they did some Autumn tablescapes that were beautiful. One thing they suggested was buying curtain panels to use for layering. I had just been at an estate sale and passed on a beautiful panel when I realized that it was a curtain and not a tablecloth. Talk about lack of vision! So, when I saw these at the Mart, I decided to reprieve myself. The first photo is of two sheer panels - one is a brown-rust and green - the other is a gorgeous dark red. The photo below is another panel that's sheer but has a velvet-like design on it - it's a beautiful dark wine color.

The rest of the photos are treasures I picked up at estate sales this summer. This is a Williams-Sonoma tablecloth and napkin. Brand new. Still had tags attached. I bought the tablecloth and 4 napkins for $6. The tablecloth is square and looks very cool on my round table.

These placemats and napkins are not exactly my style - but I have a feeling with the right dishes and cloth on the table, they might be very pretty.

These chicken and sunflower placemats and matching napkins I simply couldn't resist - are they too cute or what?

These lacy placemats were badly stained - so I picked them up pretty cheap at a garage sale. When my parents were here this summer, Mom suggested soaking them in OxyClean - took the stains right out.

Thinking these napkins will be fun around the holidays - a breakfast or casual supper look with my Spode Christmas Tree plates maybe?

Last Christmas I saw a tablecloth very similar to this at my nephew's - my sister had given it to her daughter-in-law for Christmas the year before. I thought it was very cute, and so I was thrilled to find this one at a garage sale. I am certainly not good at tablescaping - yet! - but I think I'm going to have fun experimenting with these table coverings. Next I'll have to show you some of the fun dishes I've been picking up!


Susie said...

Great finds! I love the sheer drapery panels and the cute rooster placemats.
Looking forward to seeing your dishes!

violetlady said...

Lovely! I have not heard the term tablescape. Is it decorating for a holiday dinner?

kris said...

Hi violetlady - I think the term is used kind of like "landscaping" - it refers to decorating any table - lots of times layering with cloths, placemats or runners, dishes, etc - and of course centerpiece details. I am definitely a novice - I pretty much put on a cloth OR placemats, plates - let's eat! I do use cloth napkins quite often - lol. Check out Zoey's blog - she's like the queen of tablescaping! :)

Karen said...

Looking forward to seeing the dishes, too!

kate said...

Those are all beautiful additions! I love the sheer panels and the white cutwork placemat. You have an eye for picking out lovely things.

T*mmy said...

They are all very pretty!

Connie said...

The panel in the second photo is my favorite...such rich color!
Isn't OxyClean wonderful? With it, many of the stains on old linens will come out....stains the older generation had no means to remove. So I usually take a chance on vintage items, even with a few stains....if they don't come out, it just gives the piece a bit more character and authenticity. :-)

Trailhead said...

Wow, those Williams-Sonoma linens were a good find!

Zoey said...

Hi Kris,
Thanks for showing me your buys. Of course, I love it all! Those panels will work great for draping over things like stacks of books, etc. to use for different heights. I can't wait to see what you do with them!

The Williams-Sonoma tablecloth and napkins are just beautiful. What a deal for $6.

I'm a chicken lover from way back, so I love those, too.

So many treasures, so little time!