Tuesday, November 13, 2007

an x-rated meme

A warning: Susie at Susie's Space tagged me for a meme - and I'm blaming her if I lose my G rating. :) The meme had one rule: go to Amazon.com Advanced Search and type your name in the title section.

Lots of fun titles came up - cooking game and fish with Babe and Kris Winkelman - a Kris Longknife novel titled "Audacious" (I thought the sci-fi babe on the cover looked a lot like me actually - lol!)

But the clear winner has to be "Pictures of Kris" - which incidentally does not look at all like me!
Thanks for the tag, Susie!!


Lynne said...

Whew! Turn on the fan - it's gotten quite warm in here!

Zoey said...

I hope that's not my son! His name is Kris (Kristopher). HEE HEE.
What fun you had!

The Texas Connection said...

Well one thing for sure------you had more hair than that when you were born, and have had your whole life!!!!!!!!!!!!! At least the spelling was correct.


Susie said...

Glad you had fun with this meme! Thanks for playing along :)

Trailhead said...

Oh my. I am so glad your name is Kris. :)

violetlady said...

I think I did that once and came up with something rather risque also. I would like to have that book, though!