Saturday, November 24, 2007

there was enough for everyone

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving - I hope you all did too. Our son who lives in Minneapolis was out for the afternoon on Thursday - to enjoy a holiday meal with us, catch the game, and do his laundry. It was great having him here, as always. The pooches enjoy holiday dinners too - there's always a handout if they're patient. Here, Kobie sits attentively while Mark carves the turkey - and then lies attentively when he realizes this is a BIG job!

Thursday night/Friday morning we had our coldest temps so far this season. There was a light skim of ice on the lake Friday morning. It was cold again last night, so this may be permanent. There is open water trying to push through the ice - but a few more cold nights and it will be solid. The bigger bays are still open water. I love it when the ice is first forming and when it's breaking up in the spring. As the open water collides with the ice, you can hear a "tinkle" that sounds like crystal - it's very pretty to listen to.

I put an iron tree on the dock. In this photo it looks like barbed wire! - but those are tiny red lights. At night you can see it from across the lake and all up and down the shore. I think it looks very cool. I'll try and get a photo at night to show you. I turned on the outside lights Thanksgiving evening - and have only had to replace one strand so far! I'm sure there will be more that decide to stop lighting before I'm ready to take them down in January!
Our cold nights are taking a toll on my flowers. I have a few rosebuds that still look pretty - but other than that, we're down to sedum. All in all, it was a very good year for my gardens - and I'm already thinking ahead to next spring.
I wanted to share some more info with you about the oil warmer and scented oils. I won mine in a contest Sandra at sponsored on her blog awhile ago. A couple people have mentioned that they were going to look for the plug-in warmer. Check out Sandra's site at
She sells the warmers and oils - there is an extensive list of oils available. I love mine!!!


kate said...

I like the tree on the dock! It would be great to see it lit up. It looks as if our weather is moving down to you ... it is freezing cold here.

Kobie looks adorable waiting for a turkey treat.

Gina said...

Your tree looks fanstastic.. looking forward to seeing it's shining lights. :O)

Greenie Gardens said...

Poodles are the best! I really like the tree on the dock too. So nice for neighbors looking over the lake. Sounds like your holiday was as nice as ours! On to Christmas!