Monday, December 10, 2007

a little more Christmas

The sun is shining - bright blue skies - sparkly snow on the ground. I love days like this!! Over the weekend a small fishing village popped up on the lake in front of our house. Only one house was left out overnight, but the next time they congregate, I'll snap a photo for you to see. Today more photos of Christmas decorations. These are on a sideboard I have behind the sofa - the front of it faces the dining room and fireplace room. The pinecones in the iron basket smell like cinnamon and cloves.

This one I took one day last week when the sun was shining in the window.

And, of course, one more snowman!!!!


Britta said...

Hi Kris, I like your christmas decorations. I did a lot of it too the last days to make the place cozy and comfortable. But there ist still a lot more to go.

Have a nice day, Britta

Nan - said...

Oh, the fishing huts remind me of Grumpy Old Men which we are watching right now for probably the 10th time. I love that movie. And it was filmed in your neck of the woods.