Wednesday, December 5, 2007

warm wishes

We received this card in the mail from my niece today. It's handmade. Isn't it adorable? Little wooden clothespins holding up paper mittens - I love it!!! I like it so much, I've decided to forgive her for spelling my name wrong on the envelope! :)

We had snow all day yesterday again, so decided chicken pot pie would taste good for dinner last night. I made it with a cream biscuit topping instead of pie crust. We're talking biscuits made from flour, sugar, baking powder, salt and HEAVY CREAM. I cannot tell you how good it was!!! The filling needed more gravy - something to make a note of for next time - but it disappeared almost like it was perfect!

I'm still putting finishing touches on my decorations. I have most surfaces partially done. When I finish this, I'll be heading out to get the little touches I neglected to pick up when we were running errands Monday. Tis the season.
But thought I should start showing you some of the stuff.

We have a barrister bookcase in the living room. I've used it for books, knick-knacks, crystal - and now my Spo*de Christmas china. It makes a nice display and was much easier than emptying out my hutch in the dining room for 6 weeks!! Sorry about all the reflection - small house with tons of windows, means I never get great photos inside!

I have wine glasses in the top section, behind the leaded glass. The second section has glassware, cups & saucers and a crystal cream & sugar. The third section has specialty plates - cookie and candy dishes - and dessert plates.

The fourth section is dinner plates. After deciding to do this, I realized the plates are wider than the shelves in the barrister. So Mark went out to the garage and made me a plate rack so they could stand up. They look a ton better this way. Thanks, Mark!!

The bottom shelf has serving pieces from Christopher Rad*ko. I'm way too cheap to buy more Spo*de and they have similar designs, so...
Many years ago, I had opportunities to buy at Day*ton's (which then became Mar*shall Fie*ld's and now Ma*cy's) with an employee discount. (I volunteered my time every so often - I got an employee discount and a local school was paid cash for the hours I worked - great program for me and the schools! And the store actually - I spent WAY more money than I would have without the discount!!) Anyway, with the discount and sales, I bought 8 place settings and some specialty dishes. I love them, but I doubt I would have ever paid full price for any of it.

Here's a closer look at the plate rack - he did a really super job - and there's room for 12 plates in case I ever use different china or other pieces. It comes out, so still very useful for displaying other pieces too. Really, what a talented guy - and sweetheart!!


Me said...

It is indeed and adorable card!

The chicken pot pie looks fabulous. I love the crusts (pie or biscuit) on pot pies but I never like the insides. :( I have this weird thing where the idea of something appeals to me more than the reality. And so while I don't like pot pies - I always love the idea of having them.

I've been know to make chicken soup (I even try out different recipes and now have an ideal recipe) because I like the idea - I can barely eat the best chicken soup. :) How weird is that?

Lynne said...

I love how you have your dishes displayed. I have the wanna-be Spode dishes - the Sponge Tree set from Target! I need to get them out soon.

Catherine said...

The card is adorable...I love the mittens! Yes, forgive the spelling it's the thought that count's! :) Your chicken pot pie looks yummy! It has been snowing here all day! Your Christmas dishes are beautiful!
Look foward to seeing more of your Holiday decor!
Stay warm!

kate smudges said...

Your china Christmas dishes are beautiful, Kris! Your niece made a cute card! I like the little clothespins - a good keepsake.

Trailhead said...

I've been trying to find a good chicken pot pie...could you be persuaded to post the full recipe?

Susie said...

We had chicken pot pie last night too, but yours sounds like a much better crust. Love your display rack and your Christmas dishes. (oh and the Christmas card is darling!)

Kitt said...

What a cute card! And your china display is lovely.

Zoey said...

Hi Kris,
Love your Christmas china and what a talented husband you have! I am sure you will be using the plate racks for many years.

Still Life looks like an interesting read.

I am waiting for the Chivarini book to come in. It will be a while since I am number 5 on the list.

Have a great weekend!