Saturday, December 8, 2007

more snow people

BRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! I had to take Kobie to the vet early this morning - we were on the road before 7am - and it was minus 4 degrees out. Felt toasty in my car, but a little chilly outside. I did get to see the most gorgeous sunrise, but, of course, didn't have my camera with me. (Kobers is fine - he gets ear infections really easily and is now under the care of a doggie dermatologist. How special is that?!)

Here's another display with my snowmen (and women). I put a short string of icicle lights on the snow which provides some interesting night light. Of course our trusty clock and thermometer are always present on the entertainment center. The thermometer says 10 degrees at 10am yesterday - I think that's supposed to be our high today. (66 inside????? Excuse me, I have to go turn up the thermostat!)

Some of my snowpeople remind me of other things. This guy looks like Chilly Willy - remember the cartoon penguin who was always shivering?

He makes me think "scarecrow."

This poor guy used to have twig arms and a nose that matched his black buttons. With the big nose and the hat, he reminded me of W.C.Fields. He still looks pretty happy, but I hope his next caretaker takes better care of him!

Here's the iron sleigh I bought this fall. I had several ideas for displays, but Tuesday Nadine (French teacher) gave me a bag of French candy and it seemed perfect for the sleigh. Soon it was joined by other bags of holiday candies, and, voila, a sleigh full of presents.

This little snow family is so cheery. I love their picket fence and mailbox. And they even have a cardinal visiting.

The name on their mailbox says "The Flakes" - I laugh every time I see it. Perfect!

Here's sort of what it looks like at night without the living room lights on. The light is actually a little more golden, but you get the idea. From my favorite chair the bulbs look like luminaria lighting up their winter wonderland.


Barbara said...

You have a wonderful cute family of snow people. Funny, they make me smile! And your tea/coffe cups are very nice too. You invited for a hot chocolat and cookies? Here I am!
Have a lovely weekend!

Giddy said...

Too cute! Glad to hear Kobie is ok. Our Lab, Boo, used to have ear allergies and would shake her head so hard that she broke the blood vessels in her ears til they swelled up like little sausages. We had to tie them up with ace bandages til the swelling went down. She looked like an old fashioned person with a toothache! Too funny.

Gina said...

Wow, I haven't been around for a while ~ You have such gorgeous Christmas displays! LOVE all the snowmen and they look gorgeous all lit up like that. Gx

violetlady said...

These poodles are prone to ear problems. Beau has been scratching a lot and licking himself. I hope he doesn't have future skin problems. Maybe when the winter weather gets dry inside it causes problems for them.

Trailhead said...

Northwestern Montana is positively balmy compared to Minnesota!

Lynne said...

Your snowmen are so cute! I love how they look with the lights on.

Poor Kobie. I know way too much about dogs and allergies!