Wednesday, February 27, 2008

finicky eaters and other tails

This is Tess trying a new diet. She doesn't seem to care too much for the veggies - lol. Kobie has been battling ear infections for close to a year now. My sweet boy is very stoic, and I usually don't realize that he even has ear problems until they're full-blown - which is perhaps a big part of the problem. But since the first of the year he has been under the care of a doggie dermatologist, and a week ago we decided we need to do allergy testing to see if we can get this under control. The good news would be if the special diet works - the bad news is the food costs $52.00 for an 18-lb bag (the largest size they package). Both dogs have to eat the same food for the testing to be valid. My two lovelies eat about 18 lbs a week - easily. I'm hoping I don't have to go out and find a full-time job to pay for their food and vet bills!!! Yesterday the vet told me I could add certain veggies to increase the fiber content - hopefully that would mean they'd be eating less of the expensive food. Both dogs meticulously picked out each and every piece of vegetable and spit it on the floor. It was pretty funny to see. If I offered them each a bowl of chicken pot pie with vegetables, they'd inhale it, of course. I'll keep you posted.

Look at my growing collection of gently-used knives. When we were married - oh so many years ago! - we bought the best knives we could afford - Chicago Cutlery. But recently Mark started buying Wustof at sales and on eBay. We have a couple more on our list to try and find - but I am loving the ones we have so far.
Last weekend we hit an estate sale and found two treasures for me. The first was this herb cutting knife and bowl. We cleaned and oiled them, and I think they're going to work really well. Now I can't wait for summer and fresh herbs from my garden!

The second find was a new foutain for the gardens. The auction listing said "garden sculptures" - Mark was unimpressed with what he saw sitting in the snow. But I noticed these cattails and thought they might look pretty cool with my grasses. When we went out and started digging a little, we discovered that the cattails were part of a small fountain. Even better!! The entire group is copper and has a beautiful patina. The cattail pieces are sitting on rods stuck in the cement base - and all of that sits in the basin. I think I'll probably add some rocks to hide the cement. The pump attaches to one cattail stem. I can't wait to see it hooked up and working - after we're finally done with freezing cold weather, of course! The top photo is so cluttered, I'm not sure you can see the cattails - but I'll be showing you more photos when it's sitting in my garden.

Tomorrow marks my one year blogiversary. I can't believe I've been doing this for a whole year. I'm planning to put up a post that tells you how it all began...


Kitt said...

Wow, both fabulous finds!

My old poodle Doogie loved carrots, while Sophie won't touch them. But she adores cooked butternut squash and sweet potatoes. I wonder if those are an option for your two.

Ear infections are just misery. Sophie had them a lot as a puppy and is very ear-shy now as a result. (Regular cleanings with that blue solution helps, too.)

Jane Marie said...

I am so invious of your herb cutter and bowl. What a treasure! And let us know when the fountain is ready. It's going to be a beut.

Giddy said...

Wow! What great finds and I'll bet you can't wait to get the fountain set up and going in the spring. I wish I could get H to stop by yard sales and estate sales, but he's just not interested.

My poodle had allergies and intestinal problems his whole life and he was on special diets for the whole time. It does get expensive, but one does what one can for our babies. Our Jimmy lived to be 13 despite his health issues.

I'm praying for an early spring, or at least getting to see the grass at some point soon.

Neza said...

Thanks for visiting my blog-
I enjoyed looking at your found objects. Very cool.
This is a great way to share with other Northern gardeners.
See you...
-The Rock and Roll Gardener

Susie said...

Can't wait to see the fountain set up! The copper with it's patina will be beautiful, I'm sure...
Too funny about the dogs picking out the veggies. Just like kids!!

Cheryl said...

Ear problems are nasty. My spaniel had problems a few years back but it was sorted quite quickly. I am lucky my dogs will eat anything. I have always added cooked veggies and garlic to their food.

I love the herb knife and bowl, it is beautiful. You will enjoy using it, I know.

I collect good quality knives, aren't they an absolute joy to use.
I love preparing and cooking food, it is another hobby of mine.

violetlady said...

Hi, Kris.

Beau has been scratching a lot lately and I will be taking him to the vet soon. He also will pick out the vegetables.
I have tagged you for a meme. Check my blog.


Trailhead said...

Both dogs meticulously picked out each and every piece of vegetable and spit it on the floor.

I could write exactly the same sentence if I just replaced the words "both dogs" with my son's name.

Sally said...

My boys will eat just about any vegetable that's cooked. Do you think the vet would mind if you just cooked them a little?

I can't wait to see that fountain in your garden!

Nan - said...

We've been buying this pricey but very good for them dog food called Good Life. We get the snacks too. I swear it has made a difference in their overall health, energy, etc. Worth every penny. Our Ben licks Sadie's ears every evening, as if he is her infection prevention doc. :<) Dogs are pretty amazing.