Monday, February 11, 2008

i'm tired of this cold weather

This has just not been a good day. I think I need some serious R&R in a nice warm place. Mark drove his car to the airport early this morning. We were pretty sure my truck would start because it was running yesterday, so I opted to sleep in instead of taking him. I was planning to meet a dear friend that I haven't seen in forever for lunch. The truck would not start. It didn't even make any whining noises. So I am without transportation until late Thursday night. If I have an emergency, I have neighbors who would take me wherever I need to go - but being guys, they probably wouldn't consider lunch an emergency. Whatever. I've cancelled all other appointments for the week - and I guess I'll keep busy with blogging, reading and actually getting my work done on time. But what a bummer. Stupid truck only has 200,000 miles on it and it's acting like an old lady.

I've been going through old photos and scanning some of them into the computer. I came across these two the other day and thought you would get a laugh out of them. Being a farm girl, I was in 4-H growing up. I learned to make bread the old-fashioned way - lots of hand mixing and kneading. I truly like the new wet dough way better! This was a bread-making workshop during the summer before my 8th grade year (if memory serves me right). Our loaves look kind of puny - but I remember that they smelled heavenly. Oh - I'm the cute one in the center - LOL!!
Remember the accordion-playing girl? This was me in high school - 64 would have been freshman year. We wore these heavy, itchy wool uniforms for marching band (whether it was 90 or 30 degrees out) and for two band concerts held in a tiny little, sweltering gym each year. I loved band - most of my friends were in band, and we had so much fun. I played the French horn - I can always pick out the French horns in classical music - truly a beautiful sound.


Toni said...

Those old pics are a hoot..If I were your truck I wouldnt start either...its way to cold...stay warm and have fun...Toni

Sally said...

Love the pics! LOL (ummm.. the Buick has almost 300,000 miles on it and it started... just saying..) You probably just need a new battery. Good luck!

Candace E. Salima said...

I'm so sorry your truck betrayed you! What a bummer! Loved the pictures though.

the second-time-arounders said...

Greetings from Gulf Shores, Alabama! Sorry to hear that you are without wheels - just wish that you could be with us until Mark returns - the weather has been just perfect. Take care and be careful in the cold.

Tara said...

I feel your pain - literally! Though today is a little better. I suppose if you had AAA, you could have the truck towed to garage to defrost? That's happened to me.

Susie said...

What cute pics of your high school yrs!
I've been reading through some of your recent posts and just have to get some uninterrupted time to try your bread recipes. They sound wonderful. We're having glorious sunshine here now..very springlike :)

The Texas Connection said...

Love old photos---can actually remember how wonderful our house smelled, especially as we drew closer to Fair time.....all that bread!!!!!! Can't remember that we suffered so much with the oven going every day either, I know we didn't have AC---but did have a big kitchen.

Ah yes, the Band....when you got on the French Horn, and Michael on the Trumpet....but of course you got pretty good and even the neighbors didn't complain when you practiced!

Sorry about your 'Burb", you know you wouldn't have that problem if you moved closer to us!!!

Have a Good Day.

Cheryl said...

Love old photos. I have a great collection, mostly of family, and all black and white.

Shame about your husband always tells me that you can never trust all things mechanical.......they always end letting you down.

You may enjoy your time just "doing", sometimes it is just what you need.

Happy blogging.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't 4-H fun? I joined as soon as I was eligible and stayed until I was 19, the oldest age they allowed. My main project was horses, but every year before the county fair my mother and I would bake and bake and bake to enter everything we could.

I don't know if as many young people join 4-H these days, but I learned skills there as a child and teenager that many adults in the workforce still don't possess.

Wish my legs looked as good as those of you and your friends in that old photo.

Nan - said...

Oh, I just love those pictures! You were a year behind me, so the hair and clothes are quite familiar!

violetlady said...

Kris, I love those pictures. Those band uniforms look like the ones from my high school. I have been meaning to scan some photos, too, but I can't get this */*x## scanner to work. I will have to take them to my office and use my scanner there.

Me said...

I can't say that I can always pick out a French horn - but you are right they are beautiful and I love pieces that feature them.

I played flute and sax although, I can't say band was my favorite. I was sort of a jock...loved my volleyball.

Rosehaven Cottage said...

I had to wear a similar band uniform only our were thick double knit polyester that didn't breathe in the heat. AND we had tall white furry hats that made us all look like giant Q-tips. Gotta love it!

Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

Anonymous said...

Hi Kris - The pictures are great! I'm with you on getting out of the deep freeze!

Love, Mary

kate said...

Those were great photographs. I enjoyed seeing you in your band uniform. The bread-baking 4-h girls looked great - very proud of their bread-baking endeavours!

Zoey said...

Hi Kris,
Nice pics of you in your high school years. Spending time going through old photos sounds like a great way to spend a winter afternoon.

In less than 8 weeks we will be out working in the garden! I guess maybe that seems like a long time to endure this cold, icy weather that we all seem to be having.

I hope you got the truck started since your last post.

Stay warm and enjoy baking that wonderful bread.