Thursday, February 21, 2008

a new video

Our neighbors bought a weather vane (I think that's what you call these things??) this winter. It's so cool and I like it so much that I thought you all should see it too. They're planning to attach it to their dock this summer - I hope they put it on our side so we can enjoy it. It's really mesmerizing to watch.

Did you all catch the lunar eclipse last night? It was really cold here, but the dogs and I bundled up and went out every 20 minutes for the first hour. By the time it was eclipsed, the moon had risen enough to be right outside our bedroom window - so I could lay on the bed and enjoy it in comfort!! (and more importantly, warmth!!) (well, guess the comfort part would be excluding the fact that I had two huge dogs jumping on me!) Wish I had a photo to share, but I was too lazy to dig out a tripod so all the ones I took have multiple moons - interesting, but not exactly what I was after.


Kitt said...

Neat! Thanks for the video. Fun to hear your voice, too.

GardenJoy4Me said...

That is amazing !
I want one too ! .. Is it home made or manufactured ? ..
I think it is great and you did a wonderful job with the video !

Giddy said...

Very unique! I love it.

I didn't stay up to watch the eclipse as it's way past my bedtime. I did watch the last one we had a few years ago from the airplane, as we were headed home from visiting with hubby's mom. It felt like I was right up there next to the moon!

Anonymous said...

We forgot about the eclipse. Apparently won't be another one for several years.

I enjoyed your video of the weathervane, and like an earlier blogger said, it was nice to hear your voice.

Zoey said...

Drats! Why can't I see the video? I will have to go back and try again.

I missed the eclipse, too. Just like Giddy, it didn't interest me enough to stay up that late. Maybe I can catch the one in there years!

Love those colorful airplanes. I've landed on the frozen lake before in a small plane and once in the water in Canada. It was fun. (my ex FIL was a hobby pilot and had his own plane).

Zoey said...

Oh, neat! I saw it. It helps if you click in the right spot!

Toni said...

I love that weathervane and hearing your voice. I got a few shot of the eclipse I posted them on my site....It was way to cold to get anyshots outside here...Hope all is well..Toni

Susie said...

What a great weathervane! I so enjoyed hearing your voice too :)
I'll have to figure out how to do a video sometime!!

Connie said...

Indeed a nifty weathervane! But I sure don't miss that prairie wind, ha.
I missed the eclipse, but saw some awesome photos on someone's blog...forgot which one, as I was blog-walking at the time.

Britta said...

This vane is great. A few of our neighbours do have some too. I like the noise they make when the wind hits them.
I missed the eclipse too, it was too cloudy to see it. Well they told you can see it in 2010. I will try my luck then!

Have a wonderful weekend, Britta

kate said...

I love that weather vane ... it is really neat!

I kept running outside looking at the eclipse - dragged along my son, who enjoyed it. It was freezing out there though!

Have a good weekend!

Laurie & Chris said...

Great video! The weather vane looks so cool.It would be fun to watch!!

Trailhead said...

Neat weathervane.

The Kid and I watched the eclipse. It was timely because he's become really interested in space and the moon and such.

violetlady said...

Gee, I missed the eclipse also. I can't believe it.
Nice weathervane. I agree - what fun to hear your voice. Adds another dimension to blogging!