Monday, February 18, 2008

i have wheels again

Thank you for all of your comments and support last week when I was without wheels. As so often happens, the day after my whining, the truck started, and I spent the rest of the week running here and there and getting nothing done here at home. Maybe THIS will be the week I catch up on blogging and cleaning and laundry and reading and...
Our weather has been a rollercoaster this year - sub-zero way too often - but after a couple freezing cold days, the teens and 20's feel like spring - so guess there's a bright side to everything! This weekend we had two days in the mid 30's!! It was wonderful - but today it was in the single digits again. Our son who lives in Seattle called today and said he spent time working in their garden this weekend. Sounds wonderful - but I still have several weeks before that's even a possibility here, I'm afraid.

Saturday while we were out running a few errands, we saw these three planes sitting on the lake in front of a restaurant near our home. Aren't they cute? I'm thinking jumping in the plane to meet for lunch would be too fun!

I have been very negligent in my blog housekeeping. About a month ago nonizamboni at Peacock Blue gave me this award. And then a couple weeks ago, Tristi gave me the same award. Thanks, guys!! Even though I am very slow at thanking you, please know that I am honored to receive this award. Nonizamboni lives in the Twin Cities, and I love reading her posts - if I lived on her side of town, we would run into each other all the time, I think! And Tristi just cracks me up with some of her posts - her stories about her children's antics are a stitch. Thanks to both of you for making blogging so much fun! And thanks to all of my blogger friends - you ALL make my day!!


Anonymous said...

My OH has a small plane so I showed him the photo of the planes on the lake. We both enjoyed it. I liked the colors against the winter white, and he immediately thought about what fun it would be to fly-in for lunch like they did.

Lynne said...

I can't imagine ice being thick enough to land a plane upon it. I don't envy your cold winter. I think my blood must have thinned, living here in the South. I'm too cold when the temps get into the 20's here. Glad that you were able to get the truck started so you could be out and about.

Sally said...

How come YOU got in the 30's and we had blowing snow and below zero wind chills?! That's just not right :(

That picture is just so cool. Boat in the summer and planes in the winter.

Susie said...

We have CA rain today and no sunshine for us!
Congratulations on your well deserved awards.

Cheryl said...

Glad you got your truck started and were able to do the things you wanted. Really cool photo of the planes... we have had topsy turvy weather for the last three weeks, we have gone from warm sunny days to freezing fog. My garden is in a state of shock.

guild-rez said...

Hi Kris..
back from the sunny side of the world and what change it was. We got so much snow during the last few weeks, than it rained, now it is very cold again. Put a lot of pictures on my blog..
Please take a look..
I am celebrating tomorrow my first Blog Anniversary for Guildwood Gardens..well time flies.
cheers Gisela

Jane Marie said...

Those planes look like so much fun. But only when it isn't snowing and blowing. It must be pretty scary up there when the weather changes