Sunday, February 10, 2008

warm thoughts on a cold day

I realized today that Mark won't be home on Valentine's Day. I was not happy. Over the course of five weeks, he will have been gone a total of four. Believe it or not, I actually prefer to have him here! :) It was so cold this weekend that we didn't even go out for an early celebration. Maybe we'll do something fun next weekend. In the meantime, I said no to roses. I LOVE roses - but I much prefer them in the summer gardens. This time of year I'm yearning for tulips and daffodils. A nice little winter get-away to a beach somewhere would be very welcome also!

One of my favorite Valentine recollections is of one several years ago. Mark left work early and met me at a theater complex to see the 4pm showing of Chocolate. It was so fun - so out of the norm - to go to a weekday matinee. I loved it.

Mark caught Kobie and Tess this week on a warmer day - the bright sun had them squinting, but we were all enjoying the relative warmth.

I am in love with the European Peasant Bread from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. It has a little rye flour and a little whole wheat flour, and the taste is wonderful - kind of a nutty flavor I think. I've also made focaccia from the olive oil dough. I think I'll probably have to try all of the doughs in the book - what a hardship! LOL


kate said...

You'll be able to celebrate Valentine's Day when Mark gets back ... I agree with you about roses.

Kobi & Tess look great - alert for any activity happening on the street.

Your bread-making activity has been great fun to read. Thanks!!

Me said...

Oh what a hardship! Must make and eat bread. :)

Cheryl said...

Poor you home alone.....not quite you have your two beautiful dogs to keep you company till Mark gets back.
My husband and I visited Minneapolis several years ago. We did fly drive and had a wonderful time.
Your home looks beautiful and in a breathtaking setting.
Your bread looks really scrummy. I love cooking but have never felt confident about making bread.

Barbara said...

I love the rose picture! Is this a sort you have in your garden? I also like to bake our bread. That's quite popular here and I do it very often....

Zoe Francois said...

Hi Kris,

Your roses and your bread look so wonderful. It is the perfect weather for us to be baking in!

Thank you again for sharing your bread stories! I have heard from some folks in New Zealand who found out about the book through your site. The web is amazing isn't it? People can enjoy your roses from across the world!

Thanks, Zoƫ Francois

Karen said...

Dan is traveling 4 out of 5 weeks too -- and gone Valentine's Day. I have two kids at home, so I'm not alone, though. However, I'm going at a stage in my life where I would love to be stuck at home all alone for a while. But it would be nice to at least have the option of a car that works if you do want to go somewhere. I guess the grass is always greener, huh?

Sally said...

I loved that film. In fact, I just ordered it on! DH and I don't much get into V-Day (thankfully), so no pressure there. Our "boys" are sooo getting cabin fever! They're ready for some warmth and sunshine to play in. And so am I!!!

Giddy said...

I think the European Peasant bread is our favorite! The flavor is so reminiscent of breads I grew up with in Germany. I'm working my way through the book too and I just hope my exercise routine will keep up with the calories.

The puppies look so happy to be sitting outside in the sunshine. Unfortunately, I think you and I are in for a few more months of winter like weather. I'm longing for the green.

Trailhead said...

Ugh. I feel for you on the absent hubby thing. One year Mr. T was not only gone on V-day, but gone on our anniversary and he'd spent, all totaled up, four months out of twelve away. It's a horrible, horrible bummer. And no transportation? Even worse. There's only one solution: Blog a lot.