Sunday, September 16, 2007


We've had some cool, fall-like weather the past couple weeks. But today it was sunny and warmed to the mid 70's. They're forecasting 80's this next week. Yeah, I'm okay with fall and cooler temps, but I really can't say no to a few more days of 80's. Once winter hits, I'll be very happy we had one more dance with summer.

There are still a lot of things blooming in the gardens. The dinner-plate dahlias are stunning. This yellow color is hard to capture in a photo, but it sure adds a bright spot in the garden.

These pinks are also a lovely bit of color in the fall gardens. They're growing sort of incorrectly. I didn't stake the plants when I put in the tubers this spring, so most of them in the garden by the gazebo are laying on the ground. I think I have smaller flowers, but more of them because of the stem being horizontal. Whatever, they're cool!

If the next photo will click big, you can see the stem laying on the ground - it's like having several plants there instead of just one. I like it.
(all of the pink flowers you see in the photo are growing from one stalk)

I spent yesterday moving plants around. Today I raked acorns out of the garden by our neighbor's big old oak tree. Last year, we didn't have many acorns fall - and had a very mild winter. This year, zillions have fallen - I'm predicting a cold and/or snowy winter. Luckily, I haven't been feeding the birds this summer, so the squirrels have been doing a good job of picking up the acorns. I'm sure they're preparing for no easy-to-steal bird food this winter too. Our neighbors also have walnut trees along the fence line, and the squirrels stored those away immediately. I have only seen one walnut in my garden this year! I love it!! (They probably buried them all in the gardens - LOL!)


Susie said...

The dahlias are beautiful and huge!
It looks like you still have petunias too. Mine are just about finished here.
Enjoy that warm weather. We'll see how your acorn theory plays out!!

Me said...

Your dahlias are lovely. I too am glad for the extra warmth - if only to give my divided perennials a little extra time to grow new roots.

I think you are right about the weather. I've been notice signs of fall earlier than normal - signs like the birds flocking and geese flying seem to have started occurring much earlier this year. The locusts seemed to have started their songs earlier too and there is always the old wives tale that from the time the locusts start singing it is only six weeks until winter.

Toni said...


Those Dahlias are so pretty. We have had a hard frost already but I did hear we are going to get some of that 80 degree weather this week. Hope all is well..Love your garden pics..I will be in vegas next week and wonder if we will see more of that same water show...I hope so his voice was so pretty....Toni

MyUtopia said...

Incredible as always. They always look too beautiful to be real!

Rosehaven Cottage said...

Your dahlias are so beautiful. I'm having a hard time fighting the "dahlia envy". Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I never have had much luck with dalhias~ my neighbor has them so I know it is not Alabama.
Just me!

Dirty Fingernails said...

Your's are so much larger than mine!!! Do you enter them in the county fair??

kris said...

Thank you, dirty fingernails!! I don't think mine are fair material, but I appreciate the compliment! :) I haven't done the fair thing since 4-H. Our paper did an article a few years ago about some guy who grew dahlias for the state fair. He had umbrellas for them so they'd get the perfect amount of sun and no direct water from rain on the petals etc. I'm afraid I'm just not that kind of gardener. I'm more like, "well, shoot, they're laying on the ground!" lol

Connie said...

I have yet to grow dahlias, hope to next year when I put in a new flower bed. Yours are very pretty. I also like the iron fence in the background!

kate said...


Those are gorgeous Dahlias. I grew the dinnerplates one year and they had just started blooming when a frost did them in. I was sad. I loved them though.

Having a few warm days before autumn truly sets in is a treat. We had a great weekend, but it is much cooler now.

I have a hunch that you are right about the winter ... not such a good thought when it comes to shovelling snow, though I always figure it's better to have a good snow cover for the garden.

Are you still kayaking?

Zoey said...

Well, how neat is that! I 've never seen a dahlia stalk on the ground and shooting out upright flowers. It is lovely.

I do hope you are wrong on your prediction. :)

kris said...

Connie - thanks. The fence is some of Mark's handiwork. He made short iron fencing to go around most of the gardens - it doesn't keep the dogs out, but slows them down a bit!

Kate - it has been super windy almost every day for the last 2 weeks, and we haven't been out at all. I was hoping if we get some warmer temps we might get in a couple more rides this year. I'm going to miss doing that!!

Zoey, I hope I'm wrong too - during the winter I'm all for global warming! :)