Wednesday, September 19, 2007

more September blooms

Kind of a quiet, boring day here - we spent most of the day leveling a space for my new garden/storage shed. Hopefully, I'll have photos to share of the new shed within the next week. Tonight we went out for pizza with friends - a very fun evening of catching up.

Here are more photos of this weekend's blooms.

This is by far the best photo I have ever taken of spiderwort. Usually they come out looking very flat. This one is perfect (if I do say so myself!). About a month ago, I cut most of the spiderwort back, and now they are blooming again.

This is the wild coneflower that's been blooming all summer. This is a workhorse!!

The mountain bluet is blooming again also. I love these spidery blue blooms.

I have a snakeroot plant that has been moved many, many times. For the last few years, it hasn't been very happy and hasn't bloomed. So last fall, I moved it to yet another home. When I dug up the plant, it split into 3 plants. They all look healthy, but they are just now sending up these little flower stalks. I think they're the same variety as the ones I showed blooming a couple months ago - big, beautiful flower spikes. I'll give these another year here - hopefully, they'll bloom earlier and better next year. (If not, I do have a couple more places to try :) !)

Here's one of my dark snakeroot - I believe this one is "Brunette." It's just starting to bloom. Again, not terribly impressive. This one may not be getting as much moisture as it wants - it's right next to the river birch clump. Gosh, I hate to move these things all the time.

The physostegia - or obedient plant. This is a fun little plant that should keep increasing in number every year.

Turtlehead. Not a great photo - but look at all those blooms! I love these plants.

I think this is the last veronica in the garden still blooming.

Brown-eyed Susans are still going strong.

A tuberous begonia. These finally started blooming last week - way too long to wait for container plants!! I had some red and some yellow that did quite well this year, but the rest were only so-so. I may decide to not do these next year...

The white "David" phlox is still looking very pretty. Some of the other phlox have blooms, but they're coming to the end.

The Japanese anemone are still looking good.

Another shot - I just love these airy little blooms.

I just took some under-performing begonias out of a hanging planter by the streetside door, and put in these pansies. (And then the temps jumped into the 80's for a couple days - of course!!) I absolutely love this color.


Susie said...

Beautiful flowers Kris. The vivid color of the begonia is amazing. Love the water in the background of the wild coneflowers. You live in such a gorgeous setting..

Rosehaven Cottage said...

I really love the color of the pansies too! Such a lovely shade of red. Interestingly, I'm supposed to be leveling a spot for MY new garden shed too (not the words "supposed to"). ;) Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

Me said...

I love spiderwort - I took a gazillion photos of it at Bunker Park earlier this summer.

The anemone is beautiful light and airy just as you say.

Catherine said...

Wow...Your garden is still putting on quite a show...beautiful flowers..great pic of the spiderwort, :) the mountain bluets beautiful...and loved the hydreangeas in tue. post...
all gorgeous!!

Thanks for sharing all your beautiful flowers!!

Tristi Pinkston said...

My two-year-old is standing right here and he said, "Oooooo!! Fwowers!"

I've never seen a bluet. That's a pretty funky flower!

Barbara said...

Your garden is still summer alike! Wonderful pictures. Do you really think that the obedient plant will increase its blooms? I have it too, 3 years already, but there are only a few blooms every year...and they have a good and sunny place in the garden!.

Moe said...

Hey, Kris... I moved my blog from over to Do you think you could update your link on the sidebar? I would appreciate it!

Gorgeous flowers!

kris said...

Tristi - the two-year old market is one of my strongest! :)

Barbara - My neighbor gave me the obedient plant from her garden and told me they increase each year. This is my first year with it in my garden, so I don't know for sure what it will do. I assumed she meant the plant would send up more flower stalks each year.

Moe - I'd be happy to change your site link. I'd hate to miss any of your beautiful photos!!

Zoey said...

Love that the color of the dark snakeroot against your statue.

My tuberous begoina just started blooming a couple of weeks ago, too. You're right. They take way too long to bloom. I have saved mine for the past three years and just stick it someplace and forget about it. It is always nice to see the bright red blooms when they finally decide to appear.