Monday, September 10, 2007

nameless meme

Awhile back, Violetlady at “Violetlady At Home” tagged me for this nameless meme:

ACCENT: I’m from the Midwest – we don’t have accents – it’s the rest of the country – honest!

DRINK: Coca-Cola Classic. Did you know that if you order a Coke in Paris, they look at you funny – and then say, oh, you mean Coca!
My favorite alcoholic drink is a margarita.

PETS: Kobie and Tess – two rambunctious, beautiful standard poodles.

ESSENTIAL ELECTRONICS: Cell. Not because I’m on it all the time, but because it has all the numbers I would ever need. Ever.
And it would be pretty hard to blog without a computer – and now I MUST blog!

PERFUME: Never wear the stuff. If I did, it would be something light and citrus-y. I do adore the smell of Freesia.


IMSOMNIA: Often. I go to bed late and have trouble falling asleep – but when Mark gets up in the morning, I sleep like a baby for a couple more hours.

JOB TITLE: My paying job is doing data entry. My other titles would be: wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. And I think I could claim to be a gardener.

MOST ADMIRED TRAIT: I like people who are genuinely nice - and I think I usually am. And I love being around creative, artistic types - it makes me feel really inferior - but I do think my gardens show some creative/artistic talent.

KIDS: Two sons, Kyle and Ryan and one daughter-in-law, Sara.

UNUSUAL TALENT/SKILL: I have a really good memory for certain things – I remember birthdays. At a party one time, I went around a table of about a dozen people and knew all of their birthdays – some of their anniversaries – and several of the kids’ birthdays. A party trick to amaze and awe – otherwise, pretty much useless. This is why they make calendars.

VEGETABLE: Well, this time of year what comes to mind are tomatoes from our garden. (unless you think tomatoes are a fruit. not going there.)

WORST HABIT: Oh, there are so many, it’s hard to choose the worst…
Probably procrastination – I’m sure I was overdue when I was born, and I’ve been pushing things to the last minute ever since.

FAVORITE MEAL: I love pizza and calzones. If you’re taking me out, Kincaid’s Chicken Dijon. (Kincaid’s is a nice restaurant in the Twin Cities. I have their recipe and really make it better than they do, but it’s nice to have someone else do the cooking.)

PHOBIA: I can’t really think of any right now. Guess that’s a good thing.

SIBLINGS: One brother and two sisters. I’m the oldest. (And a recent study found that first-borns are generally smarter – so true in our family! LOL)

TIME I WAKE UP: It varies from day to day. I never set an alarm unless I have to – and then I can’t get to sleep until about an hour before it’s due to go off. I don’t sleep as late as I used to.

This was fun – thanks, Violetlady!!


Sandra said...

I have loved getting to know so many people through blogging.

I could make you a cool Freesia perfume to try out if you want. Or check out my blog, I am giving away a home scent oil warmer and if you won it, you could do a freesia oil with it!

violetlady said...

You have so many beautiful flowers you don't need any perfume.

Me said...

I officially have armillary(sp) sphere envy...beautiful...

I think I will be obnoxious and say that I suffer from insomnia about once a year...ducking and running. ;)

Oh and tomatoes are a fruit (and so are zucchini) - ducking and running again...:)

Maybe I should quite before a shoe catches me on the back of the head. ;)

kris said...

LOL, me! And run fast - I have pretty good aim! I think maybe when I had kids at home - younger ones, at least - I slept like a rock too. Could be the teen years that first give you insomnia... :)

I love my armillary! It was a "must have" the first time I saw it. Thanks!

Zoey said...

One brother and two sisters. I’m the oldest.....Me, too!

I can vouch for the first born being the smartest! :)

Laurie & Chris said...

That was a fun meme!!