Saturday, June 2, 2007

a few June bloomers

My Japanese or anemone peony.
This gem is just loaded with fragrant blooms.
I think the peony bush itself is wonderful -
no cage on this one -
and the stems stand strong and tall.
I have a couple white Siberian iris that I'm trying to encourage.
This year these are the only 2 blooms I'll have -
but they look pretty.
Marie Boisselot is really earning her keep.
Considering that it's all vertical real estate, I am very pleased!
Your close-up, M Boisselot.
This sweet little rosebud is Hawkeye Belle.
I grew up in Iowa, so buying this rose was a no-brainer.
However, Hawkeye Belle is supposed to be a pure white rose and very fragrant and a nice petitie 3 feet tall.
Last year (the first year), this one was more peach colored and so-so fragrance and ranged all over this garden.
It was very pretty though, so I think I'll keep it.
a rose by ANY name...


Laurie & Chris said...

I have never seen a Japanese or anemone peony until I saw your photos. It is so pretty!! Your all white clematis looks very nice against the dark greem leaves. Everything looks very nice.

We would be happy to send you some Lupine seeds. We have more then enough. You might just as well give them another shot :)

violetlady said...

Every time I look at your pictures, I think that I should try my hand at gardening. My mother had a real green thumb, but I think mine is black. I still haven't gotten a climbing rose -- maybe tomorrow. Do you keep bouquets of flowers in the house or let them be au naturale?

kris said...

Oh, thank you Laurie & Chris - I will be so happy to get the lupine seeds!!! Do you just sow them directly into the soil? I've always started with plants before, but I let them self-seed after they bloom. I don't know why I can't keep them going.

I think the single peonies are so cool. Of course nothing beats a big double peony bloom, but the singles are, as you say, different. And this one smells simply wonderful.

Hi violetlady! You should try gardening. My theory is that the more you play in the dirt, the greener your thumb becomes. Of course, for some people it's work instead of fun, and then what's the point really.

I bring some flowers into the house, but I hate to ruin the full look of the gardens, so mostly I leave them au naturale. What I need is more land and a huge cutting garden... :)

Tracy said...

Wow - that anemone peony is absolutely gorgeous!

kris said...

Thanks Tracy! I just posted photos of Capt Sam Holland climbing rose, in case you want to see what it did for me.

Trailhead said...

Love the Siberian iris!

kris said...

Hi trailhead! Thanks, I love it too. I'm hoping this white one takes off for me. I think they look very natural - like wildflowers blooming in long grass.