Friday, June 8, 2007

house of sand and fog

I just finished House of Sand and Fog by Andre Dubus III. What an intense, powerful novel this is. We watched the DVD a year or so ago, and I was impressed with it, but guess I didn't realize it was based on a novel. It's not that you will actually enjoy this book - it is NOT light summer reading, but he writes very powerfully. I wanted to shout at the characters, "don't do that!" I cared about the characters and I read it like you would watch a train wreck. The ending is inevitable (although not what you will probably expect), but you can't tear your eyes away.

I have two books waiting at the library for me - Savannah Blue, which has been recommended by Lynne at and Zoey at as good summer reading! And a new novel by Deborah Crombie, an author I discovered this last year and absolutely love.
I think after House of Sand and Fog, these two will be very welcome!!!

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