Sunday, June 3, 2007

raindrops on roses

Country Dancer opened today (at least partially!). I planted this shorter, rambling rose last year, and was amazed at the amount of bloom I had the first year. Hoping for similar results this year.

William Baffin this morning. I would guess maybe half of the buds are open now. I wish I could get a super great photo to show you. It is unbelieveable how many blooms this very large rosebush has on it. (Click on photo to see a little better)

Another peony opened today. Pretty sure this one is called Gay Paree. This little beauty is having trouble getting a hold in the garden, but each year is a little better. I think the center is very fun.

Here's my green urn by the back door (street side) planted out. It will look better as all of this starts filling in, of course. Fiesta "Salsa" double impatiens and some vine that has purple or white flowers on it. I put one of each in this urn. The window boxes on the fence have only white. And it doesn't show in this photo, but there is a purple wave petunia on the side where the urn gets some late afternoon sun.

Goat's beard. I really like this plant. It's pretty large. I grow it in shade so mine is about 3 1/2 feet tall - but if you grow it in the sun, it will get up to 6 feet or more. There are different varieties - I have the full-sized one. It blooms early with astilbe-like white plumes. I have it planted by the fairy under the river birch clump - and it adds a bit of brightness to the area when it's blooming.

This bird house is in the garden by the porch. I think the holes are too big for wrens, but last year they filled it with sticks (probably as a decoy). This year someone just stacked a bunch of sticks in front of the opening - too funny. I'm thinking this bird keeps house like I do in the summer!

These next 3 photos are for Tracy (but feel free to look at them if you like - she won't mind!). They are Capt. Sam Holland in various stages. I think these were taken the third year I had this gorgeous rose. I loved the color - the climbing habit - the amount of bloom. If memory serves me right, it had a long bloom time and did some lighter repeat blooming throughout the summer. As soon as I can figure out where to put one, I'm definitely getting this rose again. (It croaked when I had to move it when they came to replace the retaining wall. My fault - it was in full bloom, and I couldn't bear to cut it back. Also it had a zillion very long roots - so it may not have made it anyway.)

Wasn't it a gorgeous backdrop for the fountain??? Beautiful.


Iowa Gardening Woman said...

We had a shower this AM also. Pretty rose and peony shots, your goats beard is beautiful, I have never grown it, now I want to!

violetlady said...

It rained all day today and we certainly needed it. Thanks for all the beautiful photos. They make up for my present state of roselessness.

kris said...

Thanks Iowa gardening woman. I really like the goat's beard - it adds some height to the shady garden areas - and I think the plumes are cool. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Hey violetlady - glad you're enjoying my photos. I hope you find the perfect rose for your arbor soon. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful with specific roses - and I really wish I could grow some of your choices here!!

Zoey said...

I clicked on William Baffin and you are right, he's a beauty!

I love the plumes of the Goat's beard. Does that like moist soil? I am always looking for large shade plants that don't need a lot of water.

I think that vine in your urn by the back door is fan flower (scaveola). It's one of my favorites for draping over the container. If that's what it is, it will look stunning with the hot color of Fiesta "Salsa".

Boy, that anemone peony below is a real stunner!

You have some real beauties! Can't wait to see more as the season progresses.

kris said...

Thanks Zoey - you are so sweet!
I have goat's beard very close to the river birch clump. And I'm thinking that the river birch use any and all water they can get, so the goat's beard is probably surviving in dry soil most of the time. I've had it in a few different places, and it seems to do well anywhere.

The Texas Connection said...

Hi there,
So glad to have access to a computer again and get to check out your blog.
What beautiful roses, and what an absolutely beautiful FOUNTAIN!!!!!!!

We are at Patti & Ron's----leaving on Friday, have a package that came to Michael's to pick up and then will be on our way North.

I guess I won't get to make much of anything with 'PIE PLANT'!!

See you soon.

kris said...

Hi Mom! Glad you're back online! It is a bummer about the rhubarb - but you can still cook - I have some left in the freezer!! Can't wait to see you and Dad!

Tracy said...

Kris: Thanks for posting the pictures of Captain Sam Holland! I'm out of town, so didn't have a chance to see your post until now. Very beautiful - I'll have to do some searching to see where to find it - maybe Sam Kedam Roses in Hastings? I'll have to see. Thanks again!

Tristi Pinkston said...

What a beautiful garden! Thanks for sharing.

kris said...

Hey Tracy - you are very welcome. I always get a better feel for what I might like if I see it first! Let me know what you finally end up with.

Hi Tristi - thank you so much. I'm glad you stopped by! I just looked briefly at your site. As a "would love to be a writer" person, I am going to go back and check it closer. And check out the books you've written!