Sunday, June 17, 2007

fun summer reading

I finished Savannah Blues by Mary Kay Andrews, and I'm now 2/3 of the way through Savannah Breeze.
This is great summer reading!! Fun characters - crazy plots - and very easy reading.


Zoey said...

Aren't they a fun read?

I am on my fourth one. Last week I read Little Bitty Lies and right now I am halfway through Hissy Fit.

I really liked Savannah Breeze. I did not realize there is really a Tybee Island. Here's a site about all the cottages for rent there:
"My Ocean Villa" reminds me of the cottages in the book!

kris said...

I just put in a request for Hissy Fit and Little Bitty Lies at the library. Very fun books. The cottages at Tybee Island - esp My Ocean Villa - did make me think of Savannah Breeze - too fun. Thanks for the link.

Our lake used to have little rental cottages around it - and grand hotels. But those are long gone, and all the small summer cottages that were turned into year-round homes are being torn down and replaced by huge monstrosities. Makes me very sad.