Sunday, June 17, 2007

flowers too, of course

I have these tall lilies by the porch. I think I planted them 5 or 6 years ago, so I have a pretty good clump of them by now. They are pretty stunning when blooming.
These equally tall, but pink, lilies are in the same garden. Together, they put on quite a show.
These gorgeous red lilies are down by the gazebo. I adore this dark red.
Isn't this a great lily?

The coreopsis is starting to bloom. I think these little bright yellow flowers and fine foliage are very pretty. They brighten up the summer garden.

Had to show you this spiderwort. These white and purple blooms appear to be on the same plant. Many years ago, I put in what looked like one plant and it had both colors when it bloomed. Now I have at least 3 clumps that have both colors blooming side by side.
Most of the white blooms have this cool purple center. A few are totally white, but I like the purple centered ones best.

This coneflower is either a native Minnesota wildflower that volunteers in one of my lakeshore gardens - or it's from a packet of Colorado wildflower seeds that Mark brought back from the Denver airport many years ago. Whichever, it's very cool and seems to love lots of sun and fairly dry soil. The leaves are very similar to blue flax.

This is a volunteer bellflower. I love the little flower so much that I have a tat on my ankle that looks very similar to one of these blooms!

This I believe is a cluster bellflower that one of my gardening neighbors gave me. The blurry yellow behind it is the evening primrose. Kind of a nice combo. They are both spreaders, so in a few years, this may be what the entire garden looks like!


Connie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Your lilies are lovely! And that bellflower is very sweet. I grew up in your neighboring state of N.Dak.
(zone 3) I am delighted to now live in my wonderful zone 6b!!

Kitt said...

Ooh, nice lilies! I had the sprinkler guy dig up a big clump of Asiatic lilies last fall and stick them in a pot so I could replant them when he was done, but never got around to it. So they got to come with me in the move! Thanks for the reminder to go water them.

kris said...

Thanks Connie! Yeah, zone 6b sounds way nicer than zone 4 too!! I love it here most of the time, but winters can be brutal and a longer growing season would be very, very nice!

Thanks Kitt - cool that you will have some of your "old" garden at the new house!

Zoey said...

Those red lilies are stunners! I planted some red carpet lilies that I bought last fall from Breck's. Are yours carpet lilies? They are the color I am expecting mine to be when they bloom.

Don't you love the clustered bellflower? My MIL gave me some years ago and I just love it. Some years I get it reseeding all over (which makes me happy). I think it would look great with the red lilies. I wonder if I have any of it planted near mine...hmmm...something to check out later.

Yes, it's sad that the big guys are buying up the property on your lake.

kris said...

Zoey - I don't know what the red lilies are named - but I don't think I've ever bought carpet lilies. Do they stay shorter or just spread readily? Mine are about 3 feet tall, and multiply each year. I love the color. You're right - the cluster bellflower would look cool with them. I'm hoping it reseeds a lot and I can move some to different places next spring. Right now I just one very healthy clump with 2 blooms - lol.

Lynne said...

This is funny - a day or so I saw these pretty yellow flowers in front of someone's house. I didn't know what they were. I immediately thought of you and decided I'd go back and take a picture and then send it to you to identify them. Lo and behold, you've got a picture of them right here on this post! Who knew they were lilies??

You've become my flower expert!

kris said...

Lynne, that is too funny - and very sweet. I think it's fair because you've become my book review expert!

Laurie & Chris said...

Your lily's are so pretty. I haven't planted any lilys but I sure am thinking about for my next garden:) I really like the cluster bellflower. I have never seen it before. Great photos.

kris said...

Hi Laurie & Chris - lilies are fun, and they multiply every year, and they're easy to divide and move to new places - I think you'd be happy with them. I don't think I'd seen the cluster bellflower until my neighbor gave me this one either - I am liking it - great color and bloom. Thanks for stopping by!

Zoey said...

Must be a different lily. The ones I planted are very short--about a foot tall right now and not yet in bloom. I will most likely post pics when they bloom.

Thanks for the answer.

kris said...

I'll be interested to see yours when they bloom - I have some places that I could use shorter lilies - and the dark red would be a bonus!

Rurality said...

I love it when the spiderwort does that! We had some here (in the wild) that had lavender streaks on white flowers.

kris said...

Rurality - that sounds cool - maybe that will be the next trick mine does!!