Saturday, June 9, 2007

it's been windy here

It's been so windy here that I couldn't get out and get photos of the things blooming. So I'm going to do 2 or 3 posts. I have to show all the photos, of course! But I'll give you a little break! I bought this red lupine at the Arb sale this year. For some unknown reason I planted it by the Vivid Pink peony. I can tell you, not a great color combo! So, the lupine will move this fall. But it's still a pretty bloom, so just ignore the peony in the background.
The astilbe are opening in the west porch garden. I have more down by the gazebo in a shadier area, and they aren't open yet. Hard to photograph, but I love these plumes.
Another hard plant to photograph - beard tongue. This is "Husker Red" - the stems and leaves are a gorgeous dark red and the flowers white. It's very showy. For years I had my two beard tongues right next to the false indigo. The false indigo would get huge and basically bury the beard tongue. So they never bloomed, but they never died either. Last fall I finally dug them up and moved them to a space they could call their own, and I have two very, very happy plants blooming away now!
Here is the other beard tongue - I don't remember the name, but I love these bright pink blooms. They've been like this for a week now, so I'm wondering if they open into a flower or if this is it? I'll report back.
I have gallardia planted in the lakeshore garden - but it's planted over an 18 inch thick cement pad that we buried under a foot of topsoil because we couldn't remove the pad. I have a ton of plants that are just happy as clams in this dry part of the lakeshore garden. I love the gallardia because it blooms a really long time - like from now until it freezes. However, it is right in front of my Therese Bugnet rose - and I am not happy with this yellow and orange flower in front of my lovely clear pink rose. So I'm deciding if the gallardia will have a new home next year.
Another container. I bought these great window boxes at my iron place. I have 3 of them hanging on the fence between the patio and the driveway - 2 in sun and 1 in shade. The sun ones are planted out with red geraniums, purple wave petunias, potato vine, and what Zoey at Perennial Passion told me is a fan plant - a cool vine with small white flowers. So on the Fourth of July, I will have exactly the right colors going here!!! It's pretty and showy - I love that you can see these bright geraniums as you walk down the street toward our house.


Laurie & Chris said...

Your lupine looks so pretty. It looks darker then the pink we have. Everything looks very nice.

Trailhead said...

Your lupine is just a bit ahead of mine, which is just now opening.

Zoey said...

Nice astilbe. Mine never gets very big. I've had it for years, but it stays pretty small, not vigorous like it should be.

Did I say fan flower (scaveola) on white blooms? Hmmmm....maybe I should keep quiet until I see it in bloom. The fan flower I have has purple/blue flowers....not sure I've seen it in white. I may have made an Oops! Sorry, wrong i.d. on that one!

kris said...

Laurie & Chris - thanks! This was labeled a red lupine - but certainly more rosy pink than red. We'll see if I can keep it alive or not! Do you have yours in full sun or part sun/part shade??

Trailhead - I bought the lupine new this year, so probably a little boost from the greenhouse!! Do you get lupine blooming in the mountains near you? That is one thing I want to do in Seattle some time - see all the wildflowers blooming on Mt Ranier.

Zoey - I have hit and miss luck with astilbe. I've seen it grow huge and gorgeous in shade for other gardeners - but mine seems to need a bit of sun to really bloom well. I moved these to this spot a year ago - thinking I may have finally found a good place for them.
I have the vines with purple flowers and with white - same vine. I think I've had it before and it is a really nice drape-y look - whatever it's called!! (Too bad I didn't keep the tags, isn't it?)

Trailhead said...

Kris, the lupines usually bloom in late May out at my Montana place, but I'm not sure when they go here in the Oregon mountains. They were late this year in MT. I'm wondering whether it was because things have been dry out there earlier than usual. When I arrived out there this last time there were very few lupines, but it rained the whole week and many more had started to pop out. They usually coincide with the balsamroot on the mountain above the house, and making quite the show. Not this year though. :(

kris said...

Hi trailhead - bummer that you missed seeing your blooms! I love seeing the photos of wildflowers blooming in the mountains - I have to see it in person sometime!
Mark may have a business trip coming up to Portland - if so, I'm hoping I can get away too!! I'll be tapping you for ideas of "must see" and "must do"- 'kay?

Trailhead said...

Well, the Rose Test Gardens are going like gangbusters right now. And the Japanese garden is just steps away from the Rose Garden, so you should drop in there as well. Drop me a line if it's for sure and we'll chat about these matters more extensivey over e-mail!

kris said...

Sounds great - thank you! I knew you'd have lots of ideas for me! I'm not sure when/if this will happen - but I'll let you know either way.