Monday, June 4, 2007

a new adage

Back in a post on April 29th, I shared a saying with you.
An African saying that translates:
"When the elephants fight, the grass suffers."
I told you that at our house, we said it slightly differently:
When the big dogs play, the grass suffers.
Well, as of yesterday, we have a new saying:
When the big dogs and the small chipmunk meet,
the rhubarb suffers.
I can't even show you the chipmunk. It was too sad.


Zoey said...

Oh my!

I guess you won't be making rhubarb jam this year!

We both posted about rhubarb--but very different posts. LOL.

peter hoh said...

I transplanted a rhubarb plant this spring, and it looks just about as sad. Fortunately, they have a deep tap root that makes them pretty darned hardy.

Karen said...

Ooh, bummer! I can taste the rhubarb and strawberry pie, but it doesn't look as though you'll be harvesting any anytime soon.

Lynne said...

Poor chipmunk! Our Maggie got one a while ago. She was so upset when it wouldn't move after she pawed at it. She only wanted to play, but doesn't know her own strength. Teddy caught one and carried it in his mouth until we told him to drop it - it was alive and ran away.

Kitt said...

Aw, poor chipmunk. Poor rhubarb.

I've been lucky having a dog that respects flowerbeds, as long as I leave a clear path to the tree where the squirrels are. The only place she tends to trample is the mint patch ... she likes to lie down in it on hot days.

And really, who wouldn't?

Patti said...

Wow - I got really behind this past week! I have to say that MY rhubarb is one thing that (at least for right now) looks better than YOURS!!! This makes it even - I can't eat mine this year either!!!

Having a great time w/Mom and Dad. We replanted my corner! It looks super! I will try to send you a pic or two!!!

Later - Love YA!

Laurie & Chris said...

Poor little chippy!! You need a live trap:) I hope you didn't have plans for your rhubarb.

kris said...

Hey everybody - thanks for your comments! We are going to miss that rhubarb - but the crown still looks good, so think it will come back. At least we had cut some to eat several times before all the suffering began.

We have a zillion chipmunks here. Last year we live-trapped and moved to new homes, but haven't started doing that yet this year. I guess we'll have to because this afternoon the dogs had one cornered by the fairy. Tess jumped into the garden as quick as lightning and came out with a limp chipmunk and a mouth full of hosta leaves. I couldn't believe how fast she was. The chipmunks would definitely be much safer somewhere else!

violetlady said...

The poodles did that? I wouldn't believe it. (LOL)

kris said...

I know - they look like such harmless, well-behaved dogs - LOL, for sure!