Saturday, April 28, 2007

April bloomers

A tulip bouquet!!
I planted what I thought were plain yellow and plain red a couple years ago.
I made 2 planting groups - half of each color in each one.
Now I have yellow with red and red with yellow plus a couple plain red and a couple plain yellow. Very interesting! This year only one group is doing well (cold snap I think).
Isn't this pretty?
The inside of that same tulip.

This is a gorgeous red as it matures.
It may be Ile de France - I planted 2 groups of red by the gazebo.
If anyone is interested, I have all this info recorded somewhere.
The memory just isn't gelling anymore - very sad.

Here's a pretty purple planted with the 2 reds.
(Not sure what the "warts" on this one are??)

Mount Hood is turning all white - pretty don't you think?
(I think it is indeed Mount Hood - but still subject to change)

This is a new Keukenhof tulip - Sweet Lady.
She's planted in front of Sweetheart (the yellow and white).
Very pretty - but I'm having trouble getting a good photo of
Sweet Lady and of the two of them together.

And just to show you I'm being very truthful with my garden posts,
MY FIRST DANDELION of the season.
(more to come, I'm sure!)


Zoey said...

The tulips are beautiful!
I took a picture of my first dandelion yesterday, too. But I didn't post it because it was washed out from the sun. I will digging more out today.

kris said...

Hi Zoey - I LOVE tulips - they just personify spring in the garden, don't they? Your garden design looks really cool - I can't wait to see it all blooming. Every year I think I'm getting too old (and stiff and sore) for all this - and then I add a couple more spaces. Insanity - but what a way to go!