Thursday, April 26, 2007

some decorations in my gardens

Several years ago, my parents, who live in south Texas, went into their local garden center and entered a drawing for a "free fountain." A week or two later, they received a phone call saying they had won! When they got to the garden center, they found out they had won the beautiful fountain pictured here. They kept it for one winter and then brought it back to Minnesota the next summer. It has resided in my garden since then.
The girl (Gisele, I think is her name) stands about 42" tall, and the total fountain stands 5 1/2'. It's surrounded by beautiful pink and white roses. And in a month or two, the ugly space behind it in these photos will be filled with nice green plants and vines. It sits right outside our screen porch, and provides the most wonderful background music whenever we're out there.

Here's another view that shows the base too.
I absolutely love it. When we have to cover it each fall for the winter, I have a pang - my parents really should be enjoying it in Texas all winter long instead of me covering it with a tarp. And each spring when I uncover it, I feel another little pang - my sisters and brother and their families would no doubt love it as much as I do. But then I get over it and just ENJOY! It's a truly lovely part of my summer gardens, and I am so happy to have it.

When my parents sold their home in Minnesota and became permanent residents of Texas, they gave me these two cute little wren houses. Last year the wrens built nests in both houses, and I think from the mess they left, they must have used them. We never saw the babies - but hopefully this year we will. I just put them out today, so hope I'm not too late!!
I do computer work for two guys who sell gift items to retail stores. A huge benefit of my job is that I get to buy wholesale from other dealers at the gift mart. There is one place that sells iron garden pieces. Yes, Kris has died and gone to heaven every time she has walked into that showroom!! They have a minimum order that I have managed to meet a couple times - lol - but in the fall they let you buy individual pieces at wholesale prices. The only downside is that I have to wait until the following spring to really enjoy the things I buy. So far, I've managed to keep going!
Last fall I bought this wonderful "lady trellis." I haven't decided exactly where to place her - she looks best with grass behind her instead of trees or buildings - and in our 'burban setting, that isn't easy. But I'll figure it out. Right now she has a pale yellow clematis started at the base, but we'll see... She reminded my neighbor of a Jamaican lady because of the big hat. I think of Gibson Girls because of all the curves. Whatever, I think she'll be a fun addition to this year's garden.


Laurie & Chris said...

How lucky your parents were to win such a neat prize! I just love the lady trellis.

kris said...

Hi - thanks for visiting my blog!! My parents were totally in shock when they won that fountain! Very cool for a garden center to give away an expensive item like that. I love the lady trellis too - can't wait to get her placed and see vines growing on her. Nice to "meet" you - stop back again!

The Texas Connection said...

Hi there,
I was wondering if you had "our girl" uncovered yet--looks like she got thru the winter very well.
It does look a little strange not to see Roses running all over under her lovely feet----be patient I say to myself, they will be!!!!!!

Beautiful day here today, 92 degrees, nice breeze, but really need a little rain--however not the storms they had further North.

Really enjoyed the Blog today--

Kitt said...

Wow, that's a gorgeous fountain. What lucky -- and loving -- parents you have!

kris said...

Hi Mom & Dad - yes, she's up and doing fine. It has been really nice to hear the water running - and once the roses leaf out - and BLOOM! - she'll look perfectly lovely.

Hey Kitt - the fountain is cool - not what you expect to win in a free drawing even if you are lucky!!! I feel pretty lucky to have the fountain and my parents!! My dad told me once that my grandma (his mom) would have loved my gardens. I consider that the ultimate compliment - and I know she would have.