Saturday, April 28, 2007

a fairy for my garden

I'm taking photos with 2 different cameras, and they have totally different numbers on the photo cards (which is actually good, but...), so I forgot to pull this one on the other post today.

So you get 2 posts today - lucky, lucky.

This is my new fairy! I bought her last fall from my favorite iron dealer. I didn't measure her but I think she stands about 4 1/2 feet tall - and is solid iron - and weighs a ton!!! Add to that, her wings and arms are quite fragile, and she is very, very fun to move around - NOT!

She sat on the patio all winter, but is now in her (maybe) permanent home under the river birch clump. She looks pretty cool.

(And that is all the posting I'll be doing today - I spent the entire afternoon washing windows and screens and putting the screens on the windows for the summer ((because it is 80 degrees out and we need the windows open, after all)) and I am pooped. We're getting takeout and maybe a boat ride and calling it a day!)


Laurie & Chris said...

She is very cool. I love that she is different.

Zoey said...

She is stunning! Gorgeous! Magnifico! I just love her, can you tell?

kris said...

Hi Laurie and Zoey
Thanks - I have to give Mark all the credit for her being in my garden. We went to the iron place to pick up some big planters I bought for the patio, and when he saw her he thought she was very cool. So here she is! (I'm really hoping my yard doesn't start looking like a miniature golf course tho with all the "decorations" I add to it!)