Sunday, April 8, 2007

brunch notes

Well, the plan was to take photos of brunch as it progressed - the table setting, the food prep, the finished food, the laden table. Unfortunately, we only made it through the first step. But I can show you some of the photo hi-lites we got in that first step!!We had to use this beautiful bowl - because it practically screams spring. I usually have it sitting on the top of my fridge - it's so bright and cheery, I just love it. It's 18 inches wide and 3 inches deep. It's handpainted - made in Italy. The great story: Mark loves estate sales, and one day he called me and said he had just been to one and they had tons of plates, serving dishes, etc and I should run over and have a look. I really don't enjoy estate sales, but I went anyway. I looked through the plates etc and was ready to leave empty-handed, but one of the people working the sale asked "did you check out the stuff on the porch?" So I went to the porch and hit the mother lode!!! I found this plate and about 10 other pieces (that I will have to photograph and put in another post). When I asked how much they wanted (nothing was priced), she said "oh...does fifteen dollars sound fair?" Yeah, I threw a 20 at her and RAN!!!
This beautiful little tea set cost A LOT more than $15, but it's so charming I just had to buy it. A friend and I were having lunch one day, and after lunch we wandered into a little store that looks like an old general store. I loved that these cups were larger than most teacups. It has a separate strainer so you can use loose tea. It's very fun - and oh so feminine. It wasn't a player in today's brunch, but when Mark started shooting pictures for me, this one begged to be taken, I guess!! I have it sitting on a very old hammered-silver tray that my mom gave me.

This lovely pure maple syrup was featured at brunch - on wonderful yeasted waffles - yum! The syrup is made at the Arboretum - they tap their maple trees, make the syrup, have a big pancake breakfast, and then sell these cute bottles in their gift shop. It is simply the best maple syrup I have ever tasted.

This was the table before food - it looked much yummier after the food arrived, trust me! We had an egg & sausage casserole, warm baked Virginia ham slices that I did with fresh pineapple slices and brown sugar, yeasted waffles and warm maple syrup, fresh cantaloupe and strawberries, and roasted potatoes with parmesan cheese. And lovely, tasty mimosas. For dessert, my sister brought two very decadent pies that were too yummy. (Lucky me, she left me slices to enjoy tomorrow too!)
Best part of the day, of course, was the company of people we love - Mary, Jim, and Cody. Mark had to leave for California mid-afternoon - bummer. But still a lovely day.


Mom said...

And just think-----in less than two months----I can also be a guest at brunch!!!!!!!!! The table lookes lovely, and I remember that beautiful plate.

Mary said the food was to die for, and the company OUTSTANDING!!

Love 'ya all,
The Texas Connection

kris said...

I can't wait until you're here for brunch!!!

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Oh, I love your tea set AND that adorable serving plate! I must beg to differ, because my Ohio maple syrup is the best I have ever tasted. *grin* I'm guessing that we can just say "locally made maple syrup is the best" and agree though... :) I know that I can't go back to the horrendous sugar syrup ever again.

kris said...

Hey Kim - thanks for checking out my blog. I think you're right - as long as it's real maple syrup, locally made is the best. Come back again - hopefully in another month (or two...) I'll have photos of flowers and gardens to share!:)