Saturday, April 7, 2007

one cabinet done

An update on the new kitchen cabinet. Mark finished it up this week - it only needs a door pull and it's done!! Once it warms up, we'll have to put the finish coat of paint on the beadboard, but it all looks very nice. You can now check your hair on the way up the stairs from the basement - cool! Actually the greatest is that I have it loaded with stuff AND STILL HAVE EMPTY SPACE! That won't last long, but enjoying it now!!

Busy getting house cleaned - having brunch here tomorrow at noon. Mark does have to fly to California in the afternoon, so decided brunch was the way to go. Mary & Jim are coming to join us (my sister). Kyle is going to his girlfriend's family dinner, so no kids this holiday. (Well the two monster pups who live here, of course!) Was smart and did grocery shopping yesterday - hate dealing with hordes of people at the grocery store.

(I feel like these posts are becoming just too BORING - I need the weather to shape up and my flowers to start blooming!)


Kitt said...

Wow, that cabinet looks great! Very clever adaptation for that space.

kris said...

Thanks Kitt - I had to talk long and hard to get a cabinet door there, but it is really nice. When we do the upper cabinets in the kitchen, Mark wants to put similar doors in, with old wavy glass. After seeing his work here, I think it could look great.