Sunday, April 22, 2007

new blooms

Isn't this little blue anemone cute?? I ordered blue and white anemone when we were at the Keukenhof. When they came last fall, I planted them in several places throughout the garden - I think I ordered packs of 25 of each color. Over the winter, I was at the Breck's website and looked at their anemone - zone 6!!!!! Oh-oh. So I wasn't really counting on them making it - but there are several coming up. So fun.

These are the tulips by the side door - the one where I planted 10 bulbs - 10 came up last year. And then this year... well, actually two so twice as good as I was predicting. I didn't get the pansies planted, so they're just hanging by themselves. Kind of cute little blooms - and the foliage is burgundy striped, so that's cool. But next fall I have to remember to get some other bulbs planted here.

Here are my new hyacinths in bloom - I think the yellow must be a little later because all I have so far are the blue. The name was Delft Blue - they smell wonderful, of course, and are very pretty.

This is another species tulip - very, very tiny - the leaves are similar in size to scilla leaves. I think these are adorable. Several up, but only a couple in bloom so far. They take a beating - they're planted along the fence, so whenever the dogs have to check out what the neighbors are doing they run right over these. But I guess they can hold their own! This is the second year for these guys.

And look how much the rhubarb is growing. The temps have been great here - looks like we'll get some rain today and we really could use it. I expect lots of things to just pop - grow several inches - after it rains. We put the lake pump in yesterday, but I'm glad I won't have to use it right away. Lake water is great, but nothing beats real rain.

And I leave you with my pontoon. It's a beater boat - 20 feet long, basic interior. I wanted something the dogs and I could take out when Mark is traveling. Something so they could get out of the sun, and I could easily get back to the dock. This is perfect. Last summer it was used several times for an afternoon with girlfriends, sisters, and neighbors - a day of food and drink, floating on the water, and lots of gabbing. It might not look like much, but it is FUN!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PATTI! A day late - but I hope you were camping and horseback riding all weekend, and won't get a chance to check this until tonight anyway!


Zoey said...

I was outside today and noticed I had one blue anemone blooming, too. It looks identical to yours!

My hyacinths are just starting to bloom, too.

Mary said...

Hooray, you have the pontoon in the water. What day should I come over??? It is so fun. Your flowers look beautiful!

kris said...

Hey Zoey - isn't spring FUN? I love seeing all of these little things coming up and starting to bloom. By the way, I loved your new gambling outfit - very cute. Thanks for stopping by.

Mary - please come out soon and often!!! I can't wait until the water warms up, but really, the boat could be fun even without the floating. A day like yesterday, and we could be tan already!!

The Texas Connection said...

Oh, how pretty---early spring is my favorite time of the year, or was that mid-fall??? Nice to see the pontoon is is the water ready to go.

Tonight I heard Dad tell someone we were leaving on the 20th, I have said all the time the 15th, so guess we will compromise and shoot for the 18th.......

Love all the pictures, have you uncovered the fountain yet?

See you soon.

Trailhead said...

That looks like fun, especially the part about taking the dogs on the boat.

kris said...

Hi Mom - the fountain is uncovered, but I haven't dug out the pump yet. It nicely survived another winter. I'll have to do a post on it soon!

Hi Trailhead - Kobie LOVES going out on the pontoon. He thinks that is his boat and that it shouldn't leave the dock without him on board. Tess surprisingly will run back into the yard quite often and let Kobie go by himself with either me or Mark. We haven't quite figured that one out yet. She seems to be okay on our other boat.

But as much as I love having the dogs out with me, I have to admit it is a lot more fun taking friends out - although I do get to talk more when it's just me and the mutts!!