Tuesday, April 17, 2007

more tulips

Patience is a virtue, right? Wish I'd had a little yesterday! Today there are 4 more tulips open, and they look a lot better than the one I posted yesterday. They are really short this year - the cold weather or rabbits? Or maybe old age - I've had these tulips a very long time.

Anyway, scilla looking great and first tulips are shaping up.

Look how nice the rhubarb is coming - looks very healthy. There are tons of things coming up - the delphinium is really tall already - lookin' good!

We put the pontoon in the water this afternoon - the dogs are so happy to have "their" boat back. They came scampering down the dock and jumped on when I brought it in. Spoiled little monsters!

Oh - French this morning, and Nadine showed us how she makes her bread. It is so yummy. Of course, she is a non-measuring cook, so trying to tell us how much and measuring it all out was pretty funny! I'm looking forward to trying it this week - one of our homework assignments is to report back on our bread attempts this week. Think I can handle that! Susan brought almond biscotti today - yum! I am totally enjoying this - but I guess I'd better come up with something to share too!

Happy Birthday, Anni!!! (sorry - forgot to add that when I first posted this!)


Trailhead said...

Tulips rule.

That rhubarb does look vigorous, doesn't it?

kris said...

We must be passing each other on the blog highway - I just got back from your blog!!! I agree - tulips rule. They (and really all the spring bulbs) are just so welcome after a long Minnesota winter.

Sad but true: I still have rhubarb in the freezer from last year - I really should have been enjoying it all winter!

Zoey said...

I love tulips. I think I have the same red ones that you do.

Don't you love watching rhubarb grow? I just think it looks so neat. My DH does not eat it, so I rarely cook anything with mine.

In fact, just this winter I threw away about a dozen jars of rhubarb jam I made two years ago. I thought It was delicious, but he wouldn't eat it.

kris said...

Hi Zoey - I put in new bulbs every year (of course!!), so can't wait to see the new ones - but these are always the first and I just love how bright and cheery they are. I have yellow daffodils planted near them that should start blooming soon - very pretty (if traditional!) combo.

My hubby is a rhubarb lover - we had some rhubarb upside-down cake a couple years ago at a nice restaurant in Sonoma - and that was the start of our home growing! He would eat all of it fresh from the garden if he had his way - and since I have stuff left in the freezer, guess this year I should probably let him have way more like that!!!