Monday, April 16, 2007

lovely blue scilla

I've got blooms! These poor little scilla have had buds for about a month - through 80 degree temps and through lows in the teens. And today they decided to just go ahead and open.

I have planted 25-50 bulbs each year for the past 4 years in various parts of the gardens. The first year they'll come up in small clumps, and then every year they just keep multiplying, until finally you have a carpet of little blue flowers in the spring. As you can see in this photo, there are still alot of plants that haven't even budded yet, so I should have these blooming for quite awhile.

This is a photo Mark took 3 years ago when we were working on a CD of all my blooms (fun project that helped me appreciate his love of photography and helped him appreciate my gardening obsession). I just love this little spring bloomer.

Here's another form of spring/summer vegetation - at least if you live on our lake! We have reedy areas across the lake and down the channel from us, and every once in awhile a piece will break off and go floating around the lake in search of a new home. We have a pretty good wind today, and this morning this "island" floated into our neighbor's dock. When the wind shifts to another direction, they'll push it out to sea, and it will eventually end up back from whence it came.

Now this I am almost embarrassed to show you - in fact I seriously considered NOT showing it, but the point of my blog is to remember what happens from year to year, so...

These are always my first tulips to bloom, and this year they have been bothered by the rabbits and were hit hard when we had the low temps and no snow cover. So, the foliage is raggedy and the flowers/buds are puny. Added to that, I moved a bunch of stuff in this area last fall and rearranged most of the bulbs. I think this will not be a good year for these guys.

Below is a photo from 2 years ago - they aren't open yet, but you can see that the color is certainly more vibrant, good leaves, etc. Oh, well - let's just hope I'll have other tulips this year that will be gorgeous!

This morning I discovered how to circumvent the late start to the Minnesota growing season. I was driving home and saw a beautiful garden full of blooming tulips at an office complex. Wow! At the next garden in the same complex, I saw 2 vans with guys unloading dozens of potted tulips in various stages of growth and bloom. So I think the answer is to have MONEY! When I win the lottery, I'll just make a phone call: "hello, ms florist, i'd like 2 gardens worth of tulips delivered, please. oh, wait - better make it 3." (guess I'd better start actually buying lottery tickets too, if this is my plan!)


mOM said...

Oh, for the beauty of a Tulip in the Spring----Tulips do not do well down here, but I remember when we lived in Minnesota and had tulips planted around every tree and in clumps by the garage.....I guess you just can't have everything, guess we traded beautiful tulips for lack of snow and freezing rain!!!!!!!!!

I can't wait to see what beautiful colors develop from the trip to Amsterdam!!!

Had a wonderful time at the Island, there was a lot of wind and the surf was absolutely awesome the waves were pounding out as far as you could see on the horizon---There is such a Power in Mother Nature.

Really had a wonderful time, good weather and as I said lots of wind, I have a RED nose---tonight we went to the Legion with friends and one of the gals was very kind and said. "It looks brown to me"


kris said...

I'm excited to see the new tulips too - if the rabbits don't get them first :)

A few days on the beach sounds good to me - altho can't complain about our weather the last couple days - beautiful.

Trailhead said...

Well, I've had a post percolating about the tulip fields I photographed this weekend, and you've inspired me to get after it and get it done. :)

kris said...

Hey Trailhead - I looked at your photos of the tulip fields - very cool. We were in the Netherlands last spring and saw the tulip fields there - awesome, just like yours!