Friday, April 27, 2007

lots more spring flowers

One of my new tulips from the Keukenhof - "Sweetheart"

Another view of "Sweetheart"

This one is called "Daydream" - it turns orange as it matures!

This is the inside of an old one by the lake - think it's "Pink Impression"

Another view of "Pink Impression" - usually very pink

One of my clematis on the gazebo - reaching for the sky

Brunnera - all of my brunnera started out with wonderful blue flowers
now 95% of them have white flowers
what's up with that???

I had to look in several gardens to find one with blue flowers this year
another photo of one of my lungworts
(the pink buds from yesterday turned into blue flowers)


Trailhead said...

So have you visited the Netherlands then? That topmost tulip is lovely.

kris said...

hi trailhead - we love to travel. We were in the Netherlands last spring - 2 days at the Keukenhof gardens, a day in Amsterdam celebrating Queen's Day, and a day of just general sightseeing. Too short, but we had a lot of fun. And I ordered some wonderful bulbs while we were there. I thought the Sweetheart tulip was really pretty.

Laurie & Chris said...

Your garden must look great. I love the tulip pictures. I really need to plant more spring bulbs. I will have to out that on my to do list:)

kris said...

Hi Laurie - aren't bulbs fun? I only started planting them a few years ago - too much planning to do it in the fall for spring blooms, or something. But then I wondered why I hadn't done it sooner! So every year now I add a lot more and enjoy all the early color. (Just what we all need - more items on our to do lists!:) )