Sunday, October 21, 2007

fall blooms - pt two

Thanks for the nice comments about my fall blooms! We have not had a frost here yet. And it doesn't look like we're expecting one in the next week, so I'll get to enjoy these lovelies for awhile longer. The roses always put on a great show in the fall - the colors seem more intense, the fragrance is stronger, and they hold onto the more open, flouncy blooms longer. We had a beautiful day today and managed to get a lot of work out of the way - as well as a little play time. The dogs were laying on the floor tonight looking totally worn out!

"Jackmani" clematis

sedum "Autumn Joy"

"Autumn Joy" with "Purple Dome" asters

"Purple Dome"

"Madison" roses


Barbara said...

Oh lucky Kris! You can still enjoy a lot of flowers in your garden. My asters have already been cut down and shred. Though, there are still some roses which will probably last until Christmas (I hope). We've had the first (little) frost yesterday.
Have a nice week-end!

Laurie & Chris said...

Your flowers look great. (lucky Girl) I planted aster for the first time this year it didn't seem to last very long I hope it take root and it will be back. Happy Sunday :~)

kate said...

It's good to see a clematis again. I hope you stay frost-free for another long while.

Tristi Pinkston said...

Someday, when I have a house as opposed to a trailer, and I have room for a garden, will you come visit me and help me plot it out? Sure, I'm in Utah, but it's not *that* far away. :)

Giddy said...

The pup sure looks pooped. Bet he had a great day out in the garden with you. We've not had a freeze yet either, but the garden is looking a bit bedraggled so I've begun the cleanup.

Catherine said...

All beautiful!! I have the Autumn Joy sedum, and the same Clematis, and the purple dome aster's..:) but mine are all done blooming..:(
Your fall bloom's are beautiful thanks for sharing them!!