Wednesday, October 3, 2007


We had a beautiful, SUNNY day today. I totally needed it! Tomorrow is supposed to be lovely too, and then back into the rain - but temps in the 70's, so I can't complain. I worked outside most of the day - and it was so nice. The pooches were pooped tonight from being out all day. It was too windy to get any good garden photos, although there are a surprising number of plants still in bloom. I thought I would share with you some of my cool estate sale and garage sale finds. Mark is a sale junkie, but I only get into it once in awhile. These are some of the treasures I've picked up over the last couple summers.

I found these cool bottles - 2 vinegar cruets and an oil bottle - at an estate sale a year ago. The people had run a catering business and had some very fun things on the sale. I bought a bunch of stuff at this one!!
Here's another cool bottle I found this summer. I thought it looked kind of neat in front of my kitchen window. (please ignore the waterspots on the window - washing windows is on my list, but haven't done it yet!)

This was at the caterers' estate sale - I bought it thinking I would use it for a vase. But last winter I was going through kitchen idea books, and they showed the same container with fresh squeezed orange juice in it. I've used it as a pitcher all summer.

I found these Ball jars (nice big 2-qt size) at an estate sale last spring. They had tons of them - a box full for $3.00. I was thinking they might make fun flower vases, so I picked through and bought 5 jars for $3 - it wasn't even a full box! When I got home I realized all of the other things that I could use these jars for and have been kicking myself ever since!! Right now, they are being used as dry goods cannisters in the cupboard and for puppy treats. The pooches love the sound of that metal cap being unscrewed!


Kitt said...

Fun! I love being able to keep things like oils in pretty bottles on the counter.

If you need corks, hardware stores usually have then in all sizes from teeny-tiny to jumbo. Oil-bottle corks can get mungy after a while, so I just replace them occasionally.

Zoey said...

A caterer's estate sale? That would be pure heaven! You got some neat things.

All your new tulips look great. I got an email from Brecks a few days ago that mine were being shipped -- from the Netherlands--and would take about 3 weeks to get here.

I have not been to any stores lately, but if I see any Carnaval de Nice I want to buy some of those.

The Texas Connection said...

Great stuff from the Estate Sale--You know the old addage==="One man's JUNK is another man's TREASURE!!!!! I miss having the room for some of the completely UN-nessiary things I used to have around. FUN things. Glad your getting some sunshine.

Karen said...

Pretty photographs, Kris. You have some great finds there. It's fun putting some charm into the everyday things we need to do.

Susie said...

Those ball jars certainly have lots of uses. I saw them being used in a Halloween display at Michaels last week.. (filled with autumn colors like acorns, glass beads, etc)
I love estate sales, yard sales and thrift shops.
You just never know what you'll find. Now you can go quite often as you have a big shed to fill ;)

Nan - said...

I love all the jars, especially the one in front of the window. Are you keeping it there? It really is perfect.

We aren't getting enough rain and cool weather for me. Foggy mornings which I love and then the sun breaks in . We've only had a couple frosty mornings so far. But I must admit, it is cheery and lovely. :<)

violetlady said...

I love those Ball canning jars. I got a box full at an auction and gave most of them to my daughter. I kept a few for myself. The bluish ones are so pretty

Me said...

I am a junk store queen. Was at a thrift store today and found something unexpected.

I was examining a milk glass vase with the idea of buying it for my MIL when I looked inside and found a dead mouse! It had been dead for a long time. I walked to the end of the isle found an employee and said you have to see this and showed it to him. He was appalled - he couldn't imagine how it hadn't been caught before they stocked the shelves.

Sandra said...

I love esate sales and I love finding stuff that I love.

And guess what, Kris. You won the Urban Botanic Home scents collection over on by blog!

Catherine said...

Great bottles...I collect bottles, and Ball canning jar's...and they do make great flower vases!! :)


Trailhead said...

I dig the bottles! Now could you send some sun out Portland-way?

Rosehaven Cottage said...

I love your finds but also how you've photographed them! Really nice. Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

Barbara said...

I have just read all your posts since I last visited your blog. Meanwhile you've been quite busy as I can see. And you have already planted your tulip bulbs, wow!!!
I like glass ware too...unfortunately space becomes rare, so I have to stop buying them (for the moment ;-) !!).
Have a wonderful and sunny Sunday (we have it here in Switzerland!).

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

What lovely jars, and I love your kitchen window also! Isn't it nice when the pups are all tuckered out after a hard days work? :)