Monday, October 22, 2007

more autumn roses

What a lovely day we had today. The boat is out and winterized and tucked under a tarp for the winter. A big job that Mark is happy to have out of the way. Now, on to the dock!! :)

Wanted to show you more of my roses still in bloom. I love that this little show is lasting. This is Knockout - I planted it in a half-barrel container this summer and then moved it to the garden about a month ago. It seems to be very happy in its new home.

These two photos are of J.F.Quadra - my climber on the rainbow trellis. I talked to my neighbor a couple weeks ago and asked if he would mind if I painted the cement block wall on our side. He said no problem - so maybe the flowers in this garden will have a happier background next year.

This very floppy bloom is Gertrude Jekyll. She'll be going underground soon. This is a zone 5 David Austin rose - and I've found that it does better if I bury it for the winter. A lot of work, but well worth it. I wish you could smell this rose - it is simply wonderful.

And Nearly Wild. I have 3 of these roses and all three are covered in blooms right now. Very pretty.


kate said...

The Gertrude Jekyll is lovely ... I like floppy roses as well as simpler ones like Nearly Wild.

Britta said...

When I see those roses it feels like we still have summer and I can almost feel the sun on my skin.
Beautiful, for me still the queen of flowers, really majestic.

have a wonderfuld day, Britta

Barbara said...

Beautiful roses! I love G.Jekyll too! The scent is so intense! There are some more roses in my garden too which are showing buds and will hopefully bloom in the next few days (though it is pretty cold at the moment!).
Have a nice day! Barbara

Layanee said...

Ooooh, I can smell those roses! Great photos also and the dog, Kobie, is the best kind of ornament!

Susie said...

Hi Kris,
Sorry I haven't been by more. Your beautiful flowers are always such a joy to see. Sounds like you're having perfect fall weather. In this part of CA, the weather couldn't be nicer..

violetlady said...

Those colors are unbelievable! I'll bet if you could get an aerial picture of your property, it would look like an artist's canvas.

the second-time-arounders said...

Your fall photos are lovely. My Nearly Wild, Centennial, Blush, Christopher Marlow and Teasing Georgia have been blooming but G. Jekyll has not bloomed for a month or more. She is growing tho.
Frost missed the roses last night but was thick on the roofs.