Wednesday, October 10, 2007

the great estate sale

Saturday we were running errands and stopped in at an estate sale. The sale was benefitting a local charity and Saturday was half-price day. Things were a little picked over, but I think I ended up with some pretty cool stuff.
These are salad or dessert size plates. Aren't they totally cool? I have 8 of them and paid $5.
I bought 25 pieces of pottery - 11 bowls and 14 small plates. About half of the plates have the blue trim and the others are just brown. I love pottery and these are nice sizes. Price: $10.

This green/white checked tablecloth is kind of shabby-chic - it's definitely been used. But I think for an everyday cloth, it will be perfect. The napkins are beautiful - they each have lace trim in one corner. I paid $3 for 12 napkins, and $1.50 for the tablecloth.

Here's a close-up of the lace on the napkins. I think 8 of them have been gently used, but 4 of them looked brand new.

Two litre-size carafes. They could be fun with beverages or flowers in them. $1 for both.

And the piece de resistance - a cut-glass chandelier - 30x30 - super heavy - $30. I love this!!!! The problem is none of my ceilings will even support it. It's hanging in the basement right now - actually over my washer and dryer - although we moved it to take the photo. (Charming with the paneling and exercise equipment, don't you think??) I haven't figured out where I could put it - and Mark is already talking about putting it on Craig's or ebay. BUT, hello, it was only $30!!!! If I figure out someway to keep it, you'll be the first to know! :)
I also bought a leaf rake for $1, and Mark found some cool stuff too, including a nice Wustof knife for 50 cents! We had fun.


Laurie & Chris said...

You got some great deals!! I love go to estate sales. I just don't seem to have the time to go :( We are finally back from our vacations we should be back for a while now. I did read your blog to get caught up you guys have been busy.

Lynne said...

I love the green plates! And the chandelier is beautiful. I hope you can work out some way to use it.

I haven't been to a really good garage or estate sale in ages. I love getting bargains!

Me said...

Oh! What fun for you!!

Catherine said...

I was here earlier and tried to comment, but couldn't, I swear my computer has a mind of it's own here lately! Reading your nice comments just reminded me to come back and try again, so here I am..:) You found some great finds, the carafe's will make lovely vases, and the chandelier is beautiful!! Thanks for visiting, & for all your nice comments!
Hope you are having a great week!

peter hoh said...

I love the idea of a chandelier in the laundry!

Barbara said...

Oh Kris, you were really lucky! I like the tablecloth and also the carafes. And the saladplates are cute! You bought all these things almost "free"....!!!
Enjoy your shoppings!

Kitt said...

Good deals! I love the plates.

Do you have a covered porch you could hang the chandelier in?

kris said...

Kitt - we've talked about the porch - it is covered but only screened - so kind of afraid the wiring might not hold up. That is one ceiling that could actually support the weight! Maybe if Mark took it down in the winter...oh, he'd love that idea!!

nonizamboni said...

Wow, what an eclectic and wonderful bunch of finds. I like your choices and the linens were stunning. [Do you think that was hardanger on the corners?]
Your photos of the colors were also so beautiful. . .this weather we're having has been crazy and I too have noticed all of a sudden the trees are just bare.
Stay warm!

Toni said...

Kris Nice finds...dont you love estate sales? That lamp is so pretty..Looks like fall is in full force at you is still raining here..Hope all is well...Toni

kris said...

nonizamboni - yes, I was thinking that might be hardanger on the napkins. It's been so long since I took that class and did a little, I wasn't sure! lol

Peter - I think a chandelier in the laundry is too fun - but I'm not sure my cobwebby little space is worthy!!

The Texas Connection said...

Hi there,
Love the green plates, and the napkins look really neat. Mpls is such aa great place to yard and estate shop!!!!!! Down here people take EVERYTHING out their closets and hang them on the fences or pile everything on sheets sitting in the yard. DIFFERENT!!!!!

There some neat yard sales in McAllen once in awhile, but don't catch them too often.

Susie said...

Great finds. Love those green salad plates and what a deal on the chandelier! That lace trim on those napkins is so pretty..
Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Greenie Gardens said...

I want to go shopping with you! You got some fantastic deals! Those salad plates are adorable. Lucky you.

the second-time-arounders said...

About hanging that beautiful chandelier - Ev says a bolt through the ceiling with a nut under the bed upstairs wouldn't show. You find wonderful things!