Friday, March 23, 2007

feels like spring

These first 3 photos were taken in 2005 and Kobie and the fountain in 2002 - so not current by any means! In these first two I was planting out the east fenceline after we took out the hedge trees, and Tess was bored, bored, bored. So it looks like she was playing hide-and-seek while waiting for me to finish. In reality, she might have been catching a couple z's! (Click on the bottom one and I think you'll see her eyes peering over the hosta)

Oops - guess Kobie was bored too!
In the summer, when it gets hot, they head for the fountain for a drink. Doesn't seem to faze them if the water is fresh or starting to turn green - slurp, slurp.

Finally a spring-like day here!!! Yesterday we had fog so thick we couldn't see the lake most of the day. Today bright sun, light breeze and mid 50's. Tomorrow warmer yet. Then rain over the weekend, but maybe it will help soften up the lake ice.
I went out and cut back one garden - felt so good to be working in the garden again! Would like to get more done tomorrow. Still too wet to rake I think. I don't cut back most of the plants over winter - more interesting to look at and holds leaves and snow in place to insulate the soil after it freezes. So the gardens look especially clean in the spring after everything is cut down and raked out. Mostly I am simply thrilled to be gardening!


Kitt said...

Nothing like a freshly tidied spring garden, with all the dead stuff cleared out and the new shoots just starting to show!

Love the picture of the garden peeper.

kris said...

I like that picture too. Even though we're still weeks away from actual blooms, just working in the garden has improved my mood immensely!