Wednesday, March 7, 2007

New Dishwasher

More pictures from the Netherlands. I think we took over 700 pix last spring - over 4 days. I promise not to put all of them on this blog. Although, they were all fabulous and you would love to see them, of course!
I LOVE my new dishwasher! It holds wine glasses!!! My old one didn't, and I always had to handwash the wine glasses and my Mexican margarita glasses (with the cute little cactus stems) and my new Mexican glass water glasses. So I am VERY happy. I may even start cooking sometime soon so I can run a load through! (Or maybe I'll just drink enough to fill it up.)

Aren't these guys adorable? I mean, they're not poodles, but still... When I was growing up we had 2 goats for awhile. The male was Frankie - and I can't remember the female's name?? But Frankie got into the corn crib one day while we were gone, and literally ate himself to death - GROSS! Great, now I'll be up all night trying to think what the other goat's name was.
Other news - we had a really nice day, and so I went down to the Arb (Univ of Minn Landscape Arboretum) and walked. Everything is covered with a foot of snow, but still good for the soul just to be there.
Kobie had 2 seizures in less than a week and is acting kind of strange. He's very clingy and won't let us out of his sight. My poor baby. Tess and I would both be totally lost without him, so hope this isn't a pattern that continues.
Patti & Ron - hope you're having a fun time in Texas with Mom & Dad!!!! Ryan sent pix of their trip to Hawaii - what a brat! Looked like they had a fabulous time.

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