Saturday, March 24, 2007

warmer days

Some images from the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden near the Walker Art Center.

This one is the Spoonbridge and Cherry. It's totally cool in person - and from the freeway as you drive past - and in photos, I guess!! St Mary's Basillica is in the background.

This was a totally cool sculpture - copper wire wrapped to make a ball - it looks like a giant ball of yarn with sticks in the center. They have it sitting in a small garden with evergreen shrubs. I love it.

This is the Frank Gehry carp in the Conservatory. These photos were taken last winter. Today the snow is gone - mid 60's yesterday and today - and looks like most of the coming week. Looking more like spring everyday. One of our outdoor thermometers gets hit by sun in late afternoon. Yesterday we watched it climb from 65 to 88 in about 5 minutes. Then we went to Dairy Queen to celebrate the first 88 degree day of the year!!!

Raked more gardens today - still much more to do, but it feels good to be outside working. Our son Kyle came out for awhile today - had lunch with us and did a couple loads of laundry - I'm sure that lunch was the main reason... ;)

Tonight was all about the heating pad - oh well!

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