Wednesday, March 14, 2007

garden stuff

These are pictures of my beautiful ornamental grasses - that for most of the winter lie flat on the ground under snow!! I'll have to cut them back soon. I have to put them on the lakeside of the fence, otherwise Kobie snacks on them constantly and they never grow taller than 5 or 6 inches. He is such a help in the garden! Looking at the holes and skid marks in the garden, I'm amazed that any plants survive - between rabbits, squirrels, and dogs, the flowers have to be pretty tough.

I just went out and looked, and I have quite a few things showing up. The peony on the west side of the house (by the side door) is showing some pretty red shoots. Also have Jacob's ladder, primroses, and coral bells showing green. The dwarf and tall bearded irises have green too. I can't wait to see the first blooms.
My new roses all look like they survived - hope so! Last year at the Arb sale I bought 9 new roses. It took me all summer to find places to put them all, but they were roses I had been hoping to get at some point - and there they were! I planted 2 gallicas - Charles de Mills and Apothecary's Rose. A cabbage rose - Fantin-Latour. A moss rose - Alfred de Dalmas. These are all old garden roses and will only bloom once, but the scent and blooms make it worthwhile. Plus I love the idea of having roses that were discovered or introduced hundreds of years ago. The other roses I put in were all shrub roses - Country Dancer, Hawkeye Belle, J.F. Quadra, Souvenir de Philemon Cochet. And that's only 8 - hmmmm - maybe I just WANTED 9! I guess if you add in the 20 or so that I already had, 8 is quite enough. Of course, there are dozens more I'd love to try. Thinking that big old maple tree might just disappear sometime when Mark's on a business trip - I need more sun!

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