Thursday, March 29, 2007

the guest room

Today's photos are very exciting!!!! Or not!
This is our guest room (which I was going to get totally decorated - done - finished this winter). About a year ago we hung new wallpaper. It has a pretty cool pattern to it - called "concrete" or "cement" or something exciting like that - still, kind of cool. It's a light sand color with grey in it primarily. The woodwork is all painted white - doors, windows, closet doors, etc (altho in these photos I can see that the closet doors need to be repainted - looking kind of off-white after Mark painted the woodwork ((before the paper went up)) ), and the carpet in the room is kind of a dark sand color.

We found some wood shutters at a garage sale and used 4 of them to make a headboard. The color contrast is maybe a little stronger than shows in the photo, but not much. Used a very dark royal blue for bedspread, light denim blue for sheets, and one sham pretty much matches the paper. My idea was sea and sand - a fun "cottage at the lake" look.

I was going to use the sand color for the sheets, but decided way too much beige!

I think I'm going to print some black and white photos and use simple black frames and set them on top of the "headboard" - maybe one of my gardens in bloom, one of the lake, one of the house??

Have a lovely photo of the beach in LA hanging on one wall - the photo is totally blue and sand colored. And another larger picture that I need to re-mat, frame etc for another wall. And then the 4th wall has an antique dresser with a cool mirror on it.

So basically all I have done is the headboard and bedding, but still... You would not believe how long it took me to find the bedding!!!!! I also want to find some cute ideas for night tables. We put a queen-size bed in there, so no room for tables sitting on the floor. I'm thinking maybe I can find some great shelf supports to make something??

One great thing I did is get a bedspread for the bed and a matching coverlet that I have on over the bedspread all the time unless we have company. The dogs can jump on the bed without me having to wash the bedspread everytime someone is going to be here. Smart, huh? Of course, the dogs (who lived on that bed BEFORE I had this brainstorm) don't really like that room anymore. Now they're lounging and sleeping at night in my office that has the cool iron bed in it. (Maybe I'll post some photos of it sometime - it is very cool.) They are probably trying to drive me crazy - and seriously, I don't have all that far to go, so they should maybe just stop.

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