Monday, March 5, 2007

parlez-vous francais?

More pictures from the Keukenhof
I am taking French lessons. It is great exercise for my brain, but I need to spend more time on it outside of class. Nadine, my teacher, is from France and now lives here with her American husband and two sons. Susan also takes the class. Today Susan brought biscotti for us (VERY yummy - she made it with craisins), and Nadine sent each of us home with a half loaf of bread that she had made this morning (also yummy - Susan and I think she should show us how she makes her bread during one class). I took French in high school and college,and really found it sort of easy. Now that I am much older, it is HARD! But also fun and I'm enjoying it very much. Maybe sometime I'll attempt to do an entry in French!!
Sears delivered and installed my new dishwasher this afternoon. My old one decided to quit on me last week. The new one is very similar to my old one, but it's always fun to have new stuff!
Last night we watched A Good Year. Russell Crowe stars with a good cast, a fun, light-hearted story, and great scenery. We enjoyed it.


Kitt said...

Vos photos sont très jolies. Bonne chance avec les classes! J'espère voir plus d'images des caniches, aussi.

kris said...

Merci beaucoup! I'm thinking your French is way better than mine - but I could figure out what you wrote! Question: how do you get such great pix of Sophie? Most of our pix of the great black dogs don't show enough detail - they aren't crisp?? But I will post some more. Thanks!

Kitt said...

French major in college!

The photos are a mixture of luck and the wonders of the digital age. I take a ton of photos when the mood strikes, just keep clicking from all angles, and out of a couple hundred shots there will be a handful worth keeping.

Sometimes I will push the exposure a little so Sophie shows up better, but the camera usually does a pretty good job of compensating for me.

The most recent post, of her with a bone, was taken with my cellphone camera and sent from there directly to the blog. Cool, huh?

kris said...

Tres cool! IF I had finished college I would have been a French major also, but life intervened. I still have dreams of living in France (or really anywhere in Europe) for a couple years.

Mark takes most of our pix, but I'm going to start taking more. So maybe with more to choose from, you'll see more posted here. Thanks for the ideas. The phone camera pic was good and how easy! Next time I need a phone I'll have to consider that.