Sunday, March 18, 2007

kitchen project

Here's my Kobie boy... see... profile. What a handsome guy! He and Tess were watching squirrels on the birdfeeders, but when he saw the camera, right into the chair and showing that profile. Goof!

Thought I should show you the kitchen progress. We decided around Christmas that it was time to look into updating the kitchen. Our first plan was for Mark to make all new cabinets. But after looking at what I couldn't do to rearrange things, I decided base cabinets were fine - they just need new features. The uppers may be completely redone. Not to that point yet.
I spent many hours trying to figure out how to use the space I have most efficiently, and we went around to a bunch of places looking at possibilities. The first step involved dealing with the blind corner cabinet. This photo shows the solution in progress. Mark cut a hole in the wall behind the cabinet - so what you're seeing is the landing by the side door - looking up from the basement steps. I now have a 24x24 space that is totally accessible from the landing - plus the original 20x24 in the kitchen. I used the blind space to store rarely used things, but with this new space I can get at everything easily.
It will have 2 shelves in it - 3-10inch spaces to use. He's going to make the door look like a window with mirror behind it. So this afternoon (while I'm playing) he's painting the inside of the cupboard. Next step is putting trim around the frame of opening, and then he's going to paint the beadboard on the wall going down the stairs. Then it'll be ready for the door and one step of the project DONE. I LOVE IT!
Will show you more photos as the project continues.

Speaking of projects, these 3 photos show the new house going up kitty-corner across the street from us. In December they tore down the house on that lot and now we have a lovely McMansion. We are so thrilled - NOT!!!!! (Wait until we get our next property tax statement - then we'll really not be happy!)

It's actually a nice looking house - lots of architectural detail on the outside. It's a fairly small lot, but they put a lot of house in. They built over and under the garage. When I came home Wednesday, one of the builders was just packing up and offered to give me a tour - very nice - and fun! Master suite upstairs on the lake side, plus laundry, 2 other bathrooms, 3 other bedrooms and a huge center hallway. First floor is great room with huge kitchen, dining and living spaces plus a cute little sunroom/porch - all facing the lake. Basement will have home theater under garage plus built in bar, rec area, storage and rough in for another bedroom. Phew!

The street side will be all driveway I'm sure because no one has enough parking here. The lake side of the house is very impressive looking - but as a gardener I think I'd be very unhappy. They have completely terraced half the yard with boulders - and put pure icky clay in all the planting spaces - yargh! Don't know if flat area of yard will be all grass or patio and grass. Not much room for kids, dogs, or gardens for sure.
I'll get photos of lake side and put them in a future entry.


Kitt said...

Oh, kitchen remodeling! A subject near and dear to my heart. I had plans drawn up to redo my tiny galley, but the one estimate I got was from someone who obviously didn't want the job: $48,000! Like hell. And now I might move. So much for that.

Lucky you to have a handy fellow.

My neighborhood is also plagued by Invasion of the McMansions. I've been taking a series of photos of one bungalow down the street that was razed and is now a big hole. Eventually I'll post them all at one go when the new monstrosity is finished.

kris said...

48,000 - gulp! We decided to take our time on this project - not spend the summer indoors working, for instance. So it will take awhile to get everything done, but... Thinking I'll have to give Mark a big hug when he gets home - he's saving us a bundle (and enjoying the woodworking besides!)

Our neighborhood has been a nice mix of older homes - ours is 100 years old for example. We hope to live here for another 30-40 years, so the thought of being surrounded by McMansions and all the traffic and noise that goes with building them is not a real pleasant one. But it's gonna happen so we might as well be okay with it. At least I'm not sitting here wishing I had one myself!