Saturday, March 3, 2007

Sun After the Storm

The Keukenhof Gardens

I'm ready for spring, so think I'll post some of the pictures from our trip to the Netherlands last spring while I'm waiting for my own bulbs to appear. This was one of my favorite gardens. I always go for the bright colors when I buy bulbs, but this mostly white garden with just a touch of orange and pink and blue really was gorgeous. I may try and do something similar next fall in an area that HOPEFULLY I'll get planted out this next summer.

We have a beautiful sunny day - low 20's but melting like crazy. Supposed to be in upper 30's by end of next week. Sounds good to me. Kobie & Tess are having fun in the new snow and come in completely covered with little snowballs sticking to their fur. I've been ironing - yargh! I think someone should start a campaign for "tee shirts - the new dress shirt." Oh well.

New book - High Profile by Robert B Parker. Jesse Stone series. I like his Jesse Stone and Sunny Randall characters. Spenser, not so much. Also last week read I Feel Bad About My Neck by Nora Ephron. Fast read and a hoot. Thank goodness for the Hennepin County Library system - the best! I used to buy all these books (!), but the last 3 years or so, I started using the library again. It's wonderful. This summer they're going to put in a bike trail where the Dakota Rail line was and then I'll be able to bike right to the library. Fabulous.


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