Tuesday, March 27, 2007

waiting for flowers

It's been a few days since I posted. I've been busy working in the gardens - raking, raking, raking. Have the east side of the house left to do and that job will be done. Nice!

Yesterday we hit 81 - it was a gorgeous day. Mark got in a nice motorcycle ride, I played in the dirt, and the dogs were totally worn out from romping all day. We all have spring fever!

Kobie is a poser, no doubt about it! This shows off the lovely haircut he got so he'd look nice for Thanksgiving when Ryan & Sara were here for a few days. Went back to November '06 for today's photos. All of these were taken on 11/23 except 2nd lake photo which was taken 11/25. Green grass and open water - gotta love it!

So, here's the difference 2 days can make. I don't recall if the lake stayed frozen after we got this light skim 11/25, but it probably wasn't long after that. Today it's really rotten and breaking up along the shoreline - but still nicely frozen in the center. At least there haven't been any fishermen out in the middle since Sunday!

Isn't this a pretty picture of my grass? I love the ornamental grasses, but it's a really short time that they look nice before the snow buries them.
I do computer work for 2 companies that sell gift items to retail stores. One of my guys expects to have all of his reports for the month by Friday - which means I should have had them in the mail today. I'm still working on them. Working really gets in the way of gardening. Hopefully I'll finish up tonight and get them in the mail tomorrow morning.
French class this morning - very fun. I'm going to try to actually do my homework this week. I know if I spent even 15-30 minutes a day on it, I'd be way ahead of where I am now. So that's the plan!

Had some lovely photos of sedum and coral bells on here - but just managed to erase them - so guess maybe you'll see them on tomorrow's blog! There are so many things coming up in the garden - I love this time of year. Scilla is almost ready to bloom, so will have "real time" photos to share soon!

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