Monday, March 19, 2007

I want to see my tulips!

More pictures from the Netherlands. We were there last spring for Queen's Day celebrations. Queen's Day celebrates the queen mother's birthday and Amsterdam is the place to be. Quite a party. Here is one of the new friends I made that day. He was a good sport.
At the Keukenhof, there are beautiful gardens and tons of sculpture exhibits. This was one I thought was really cute. Ceramic pigs look to be more well-behaved than poodles! (Love the fence.)

Isn't this pretty - like catching a glimpse of the yellow tulip road. I have more tulips pushing up through the ground - hooray!!! The red shoots from last week are definitely tulips, and now I can see green shoots nearby which would be the daffodils.
When we were at the Keukenhof, I ordered about 125 bulbs for me and 90 or so for my next door neighbor. They shipped them in October. I can't wait to see all of them blooming. I think everything I ordered there we could have bought here - maybe cheaper even. But I did see tons of new tulips that will be offered to the public over the next few years. I have my list and know what to watch for! Last year I did a lot of moving (what a surprise - that will probably be on my headstone!) and think I displaced many of the tulips I've had for years. So may be replacing quite a few next fall.
The lake is starting to melt along the shoreline. Still people fishing out in the middle though - drat! At least we haven't seen cars or trucks out there for a couple days! The average ice-out date is April 15. If we get the nice weather they're predicting, maybe it will be early this year - that would be nice.

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