Saturday, March 31, 2007

thin ice indeed

Thin ice signs were posted by the bridge this winter after someone dunked a sled. They made it to our shoreline and looks like they will go no further. Also a couple of plastic "bait" bags looks like.
This is 2 houses down the shore (toward the bridge). The woman who owned this house moved into a senior complex, and the house was bought by a couple who introduced themselves as "flippers." Exact description, but I had never heard anyone actually call themselves flippers. They ended up doing a nice job remodeling the house, but it's not selling very quickly. Anyway, they lucked out leaving the dock in - we've seen docks absolutely destroyed if the ice blows in hard and hits them.

Not a very clear photo - but there is a can of something laying on the bottom about 8 feet out from shore. A small gift from the fishermen, no doubt. With any luck it's a still-sealed can of ice cold beer. But much more likely to be an open can filled with yummy lake water. We get gifts like this all year round - I wonder if the people who use the lakes maybe think they're offering thanks to those of us who are lucky enough to live along the shore? No, probably not.

One of my chives clumps. It is so nice to see green things in the gardens! Rabbits or ?? are eating my tulips - what are they thinking????? I've waited all winter for them! Obviously, my dogs are not doing their job very well. I plant tulips in clumps of 10 or so and there are 3 clumps right now that the tips of the leaves are chewed down. I don't know if I'll get any blooms or not. Other clumps luckily are quite a bit taller and are probably safe at this point - I HOPE!

Have a ton of scilla planted all around - I love this bright blue flower. It's been in the 40's, so none of them are actually blooming yet - just buds. I hope the buds hang in there through this next week. They are very prolific - I have them moving out into the yard. I love it. The leaves are so small that they die back pretty quickly, so not a prob with mowing. I'd love to have bulbs naturalized throughout the yard - but I'd probably get pretty tired of the clumps of long grass and dying leaves if I did. Down by the Minneapolis lakes they usually naturalize daffodils along the boulevard - it is gorgeous. If I get down there this spring, I'll snap some photos and show you.

Look at this green grass! There are a ton of small branches all over. The dogs love it, of course. Still have bags of leaves to haul to the shredder, and the area on the right-hand side of the house and in front of the porch still are waiting to get raked. On the left-hand side you can see the roof of the new house across the street. Luckily for us, they can't see into our yard from any of their windows. They do see the entry patio on the street side, but I don't mind that. We had a small break in the rain, but still very grey so think more is on the way. A good weekend for getting inside things done - like reading, for instance!!!!


Patti said...

I was just looking at your blog and did a "refresh" - NEW PICS!!! They look good! I love the green too.

looks like I can get in here again - I had to reset my name and password

later - Patti

kris said...

I'm so happy they let you back in!!

Kitt said...

Oh, your green arrives at last! Hooray! Even if the receding snow and ice do reveal a cleanup job that needs doing.

kris said...


Zoey said...

I love your house, Kris. That porch is to die for! You lucky woman!!

kris said...

Thanks Zoey - we added that about 10 years ago (replaced a deck). It's screened in to keep the skeeters out at night, and we practically live out there all summer.