Sunday, July 1, 2007

it takes two

I was out in the kayak the other day, and Mark came out in the canoe. He was bringing me some water ski gloves because I was getting a blister on my thumb from holding the paddle wrong. After giving me the gloves, he followed me back around the lake to our dock. Problem: my kayak was WAAAAY faster than the canoe. Yup, about 2 hours later, he had a lovely sit-in kayak from the same rep we bought mine from. He gave us another great deal on one of his demos. Mark is thinking that next year he might want to get into a sit-on like mine (the rep only had the one this year), but until then he's having a lot of fun with this one. (Oh, do you see I got a back for mine? Way more comfortable!)

I slipped on the cement steps going to the lake yesterday (OUCH!), so we haven't had a head-to-head competition yet - but I think mine is still probably faster. :) For sure it takes less work to move it through the water. I think we're going to have a lot of fun exploring the lake together for the rest of the summer.
Early this morning Mark took his kayak back into a channel area across the lake from us. This area has houses and bigger boats, but last summer when we took the pontoon back there, we decided it was a good place for the canoe - not a boat with a motor. The kayaks will be perfect for exploring that area. There are lily pads, cattails, reeds, submerged logs, blue herons, frogs, muskrats, beavers, etc. Today he mostly got photos of the lily pads. Next time I'll post a photo of them in bloom - it's very pretty.


Karen said...

This was a treat to take a "tour" of the lake. I feel cooler already, as thought I've taken a dip!

Kitt said...

Don't the poodles feel left out? A little raft to tow behind would be just the thing!

MyUtopia said...

Sweet, I would love to go boating.

kris said...

Hi Karen - imagine a dip in the lake would have felt really good after your weekend baseball games! Thanks for stopping by!

Kitt - that's exactly what we need for Kobie & Tess! I'm picturing a long, long rope though - otherwise, I'm pretty sure they'd be up there trying to paddle!

Hi myutopia - boating on a hot summer day - pretty much perfect! If you're ever in Minneapolis, come on out!

Laurie & Chris said...

It looks like fun. But I am way to afraid of the water to do something like that. If my feet can't touch the bottom forget it.

Zoey said...

Isn't there a saying like, "The couple who kayaks together stays together". Well, there should be!

I bet you will have even more fun now that the two of you can explore together (it's safer to).

Connie said...

Nice looking lily pads!

kris said...

Hi Laurie & Chris - I LOVE the water, so having a lot of fun with the yak. It's certainly not the driest way to be on the water though!

Hi Zoey - I like that saying! It is more fun to go out with someone and share the experience.

Thanks Connie - I don't like the lily pads in my own swimming area, but they are fun to see in other parts of the lake.