Monday, July 23, 2007

whiskey barrels

We have a new house going up kitty-corner across the street from us. It's been under destruction and construction since last November. I don't know that they're really close to getting it finished. We're very ready for it to be finished.

There have been a zillion BIG trucks and not so big trucks on the street during all this. During the winter, we store one of our boats in the driveway, so our driveway was fairly safe from big truck traffic. However, once the boat went in the water, we needed a defensive measure, and we settled on half whiskey barrels. The barrels can be moved if we need the parking (Mark put a false bottom in them, so they're only half filled with dirt - so pretty lightweight). After we put them in place, we realized that the drivers of the big trucks wouldn't be able to see them, so we also had to put in some steel rods with reflective tape tied to them. We've actually become quite fond of the tape blowing in the wind - it's not a classy look by any means, but it's not trashy either. If we decide to put the planters out next summer, I'm thinking Mark should make some nice heavy-duty shepherd's hooks, and I'll have some hanging baskets instead of using reflective tape. Maybe a little classier! The driveway expanse actually looks way better with the barrels there, so it may be a look we use for a few years. Next year, I need to put more drape-y plants to hang over the edges of the barrel, but for a spur-of-the-moment, quick trip to Home Depot, I thought they came out looking okay.

Anyway, they're looking kind of good right now, so thought I'd show you what I did.

One of my neighbors gave me a pot of purple fountain grass for my birthday, so I used that in the end one - with persian shield and double red petunias. The persian shield isn't super showy with the fountain grass, but I'd definitely use it in a container again.

The next 2 barrels are planted the same: red cannas with a purple sage and some white spiky flower around the bottom. Now that the cannas are starting to bloom, it's looking good. My first time trying cannas, so very fun.

At the other end, I have a Knockout rose and a purple sage of some kind. I love the rose and plan to put it in the gardens this fall.

By the mailbox, I put a barrel full of coleus. It gets very little sun there, and it's filling in very nicely.


Kitt said...

Clever thinking! Darn McMansions.

That fountain grass is really pretty. All the containers look very nice. Much nicer than orange cones!

Zoey said...

Much prettier than orange cones! LOL.

I really enjoy planting in 1/2 barrels. I want to get more of them. They are big enough to really give some designing options, which is what I like most about containers.

None of my cannas are blooming yet!!! I did see one with a bud yesterday, so it will be soon. I love coming here to see what I can expect to bloom at my house within the week. :)

Me said...

I love coleus...

kris said...

Thanks Kitt! It will a day of celebration when the last truck pulls out over there!

Hey Zoey - I like the half barrels too. I used to have quite a few and they slowly rotted out - and now I'm just getting back into it. I like the bigger planting space too. I was surprised how fast the cannas went from bud to bloom - way cool.

Hi me - I like how many different kinds of coleus there are - and they're so easy.