Wednesday, July 18, 2007

ripen, ripen, ripen...

We are so ready for tomatoes from the garden - OUR garden. Mark has stopped a couple times at the little farm stands that seem to dot every major intersection. We had a very decent tomato a week or so ago. The ones he bought yesterday were just bad. So I'll probably be waiting for ours to ripen. Impatiently.

But in the meantime, please take a look at my plants! Mark made these tuteurs for me - they stand 6 1/2 feet out of the ground. The tomatoes today are past the top of the tuteurs. Last year they went to the top and back down to the ground. The vines are loaded. Once the tomatoes start to ripen, we will be living well.


Lynne said...

Save some for me. If I leave right now, I can be there by the time they turn red! Love, love, love fresh tomatoes!

Tracy said...

I know what you mean. I have lots of green tomatoes, but nothing coming ripe yet. I'm just waiting!!

I love your tuteurs. What are they made of, and how did Mark make them? I've never liked any of the tomato supports I've had, but these are just great!

Me said...

I am getting some tomatoes and here is the really weird thing - my first two ripe ones weren't early varieties they were Brandywines...go figure.

I want your tuteurs!

Jean said...

All your plants are great! Would love to see your gardens in person. Beautiful!

Zoey said...

HOly Smokes! I have never seen such a big tomato plant! I can see why you need those heavy duty supports. Will you be canning some of the tomatoes?

Tristi Pinkston said...


Go check this out.

kris said...

Lynne, drive fast because when those first ones ripen, they will be inhaled! :)

Tracy - he used 3/8 inch mild steel (mild means it is more pliable). He has a cutter, a bender, and a welder - and they were all used. First he cut the steel to the lengths he wanted - then he bent the criss-crossing taller pieces - and then made 3 different sized circles to weld in place to hold it all together. I keep telling him he should go into business - they are way sturdier than any tomato cages I've ever seen.

Me - I can't believe your Brandywines were your first tomatoes to ripen!! This is the first time in years I haven't put in Brandywines - I love them! - but they are always my slowest. (well worth the wait though!!)

Jean - thank you! I wish you could see my gardens in person too - I'd love to see yours!

Hey, Zoey - I seem to have a way with tomatoes - lol! It's all in the soil - I use a ton of seaweed compost - and keep them watered - but I don't add any fertilizer or Miracle Gro etc.
Many, many years ago I canned tomatoes - that is a really hot, messy job. Now I roast my extra tomatoes and put them in the freezer. They are soooo good. (I half or quarter them, lay them in a single layer on a baking sheet ((parchment paper)), drizzle with olive oil, sea salt and fresh ground pepper. Roast at 425-450 for 1/2 - 1 hr. I take them out just as they're beginning to soften and lose their shape. They add so much flavor to soups and sauces - awesome!)

Tristi - thank you for the blogger award - what you said on your blog was very nice - I am speechless! I'm glad you come to share my gardens with me - I love visiting your blog!!