Tuesday, July 17, 2007

summer gardens

This is such a great time of year for Minnesota gardens! The roses are starting their second show. The asiatic lilies are pretty much done, but the orientals and daylilies are in full glory. All of the prairie-type blooms are jumping on the bandwagon. I just love it! Here are a few of the things in my garden right now.

Ligularia "Othello" - I just put in this plant this year. I have "The Rocket" which is starting to show some color too, but my first try with this one. I thought I was buying one "Othello" and one "Desdemona" - but when I got home, found I had two "Othello." Not a problem - they're looking good!

I love veronica - I have it in several gardens. The bees love it too - there's at least one in this photo. This is in the west porch garden - with pink roses - beautiful.

Not a great background - but the bloom is perfect! This is J.F. Quadra - a new climbing rose. I planted it last year - and this is the second show of blooms this year - lots of new growth. Meresy_g at Edge Effect commented that my red daylily would look nice planted in front of Russian sage. I agreed and started looking to see if I had any red and purple combos like that - I just happen to have a Russian sage planted beside this climber. In another year or two, I think it could be looking pretty good. (This is on the fence - wonder if I could talk my neighbor into planting something tall and purple and airy on his side??)

My wild brown-eyed susans have been blooming for awhile - but the hybrids are just starting. I love them with purple coneflower and phlox.

More balloon flowers - I love the color - and the bud is too cute.

This is snakeroot or bugbane. The latin name was cimcifuga but they have reclassified it, and I can never remember what it is now. I like snakeroot, and that's what I always call it. This is another one that the bees love. This is a plant that will grow in sun, but prefers partial shade. The plant is fairly large and then gets these wonderful tall blooms. It adds great height to the shade border.

Here's a photo of the snakeroot plant - the buds are all curly and maybe snakey?? and then as the flowers open the bloom stalk straightens. I think it's very fun. And it has a cool fragrance.

Last but not least, phlox. I have this purple, plus a darker pinkish purple, a dark pink, and white. They all smell just like phlox should.


Connie said...

Love those curly snakeroot buds...don't think I have ever seen that plant before. Wish I could scratch and sniff your Phlox. :-)

Me said...

I second Connie. That photo and the curvy shapes with the lantern behind is lovely.

I like your blog for giving me ideas what will work here. :)

Laurie & Chris said...

I also love the snakeroot. I am going to have to look for this. Your phlox are such a pretty color. All of your flowers are pretty.

meresy_g said...

I love ligularia, but I don't think I have the right 'home' for it. No moisty type shade. And the snakeroot is awesome. I will look for it and see if maybe I can offer what it needs. Love that climber too.

Karen said...

Is there a time of year that is NOT a good time for gardens in your area? From the looks of your blog, I think not! I've never been to Minnesota, but never dreamed it could grow such gorgeous flowers. I always imagine it to be very cold. Do you have long winters?

Beth said...

Your veronica look great - mine are in bloom but have gotten really leggy and messy. Do you ever stake them to keep them more compact? I'm thinking of taking them out because they've worn out their welcome in my garden!

Karen said...

P.S. There's something special for you on my blog -- check it out;)

Zoey said...

I've never seen igularia 'Othello' before. Neat blooms. So different from the 'rocket' which I have also. My 'rocket' never does well because it's quite far from the hose so it never gets enough water.

I have always wanted to get cimcifuga (did not know it had a knew name). It's one of those plants I have never seen in the nurseries around here. LOVE the tall spiraly blooms. They great with the next to your shorter garden ornament.

kris said...

Hi everybody - I'm going to do a short post about the snakeroot - found the new name etc. Thanks for the comments. It's one of my favorites.

Me - I think getting ideas works both ways - I've seen things on your blog that I can't wait to try!

Meresy_g and Zoey - ligularia can be a pain to keep watered for sure. I think this type may be a little bit better than the rocket.

Beth - I wish I could remember which veronica I have - thinking it's Sunny Border Blue?? It doesn't get super tall - and I've never had a problem with it getting leggy on me.

Thanks Karen - we do get our share of winter here - temps can get quite low, like 20-30 below zero. And we can get a ton of snow. So I'm thinking we deserve our summers! We seem to get extremes here - cold winters and super hot, muggy summers. Our growing season is pretty short - especially for food crops. But, I love it here!!

Thanks so much for the blogger awards - I'll thank you properly in a future post - but I am quite honored - and speechless, actually!! Your kind words are very much appreciated. I'm so glad you come to visit here!

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Heh... I was going to chime in that its new name is "actaea" but it seems that you already found that, Kris. "Cimicifuga" is much more fun to say so I keep calling it that anyway... lol. I have 'Hillside Black Beauty' and the flowers have a lovely scent that reminds me of fragrant ripe grapes--is that about the same as the scent you have on the green-leaf one?

I am absolutely drooling over your 'Othello' as I have 3 and none of them have bloomed yet in the 3 years I have had them. Of course, last year I divided the one I had purchased and I also don't give them any extra water so I probably shouldn't expect much, eh?

kris said...

Hi blackswamp_girl - I've seen "Hillside Black Beauty" - I love it. And yes, that's a good description of the scent. I have 2 dark cimicifugas (yeah, way cooler name!), and I love the dark leaves and stems - but the green is taller and a better bloomer for me. Nice to have both!

We'll see what my "Othello" does next year... I love the leaves on these as much as the blooms. They do get droopy without extra water though, don't they?